Monday, July 8, 2013

Princess Estelle Got a Pony

"Victoria, Daniel and Estelle can now move to their house in Solliden. The Planning Board of Borgholm inspected the house on June 27th. The house, which is beautifully situated in a scenic area, secluded by trees and surrounded by pastures and meadows, is a one-storey house of about 300 square meters in size. A planning permission has been granted to the carport and next to the house there should be a 42 square meters large pool. The house is built entirely from natural materials and is quite understated in style, explains Director of Administration of Solliden, Leo Eriksson.

Lisbeth Lennartsson, the Mayor of Borgholm, tells that the Crown Princess and prince Daniel are very excited about the new house, they are extremely pleased with the work done by the artisans of Öland and invited last week in all of them at a housewarming party to show their appreciation. Queen Silvia told her that the house is very well liked, is is bright and clean and they are very happy with the build.
There is still lot of work to do in terms of finalizing the roads, storage building and gardening - and decorating the house of course. Leo Eriksson tells that they will not take the help of any interior designer, Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel are really good at that stuff themselves, and vastly interested in interior design.

Borgholm gave the green light for a deviation from the shore protection, which means that the house is only a few hundred meters from the beach. Which is perfect for little Estelle, thinks the Mistress of the Robes, Alice Trolle Wachtmeister. She thinks that Estelle will have a wonderful time on the island of Öland, children are children and love to sit on the beach and make sand cakes. Solliden is very child friendly with its pedestrian areas and she remembers how the royal children played in the park and swum and picked berries. Now it’s Princess Estelle’s turn to toddle around on the grass and splashing in the waterside.

Kay Wiestål, friend of the royal family and the arranger of Victoriadagen, says that islanders are extremely anxious to let the royals to be in peace during their annual summer vacation.
- What’s great with the Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel, and the whole royal family is that they have always been protected on Öland, they can move anywhere. About a week ago, they went and bought bikes and helmets. And Estelle has got a pony.
The Marshal of the Court visited the stables and familiarized himself with the pony.
- She was liked, so I’ll deliver the horse this weekend. I don’t know if Estelle is there then, but one can hope, says Birger Ramnebrink.

One that also keep his fingers crossed on seeing Estelle is Kay Wiestål, preparing the Victoriadagen concert. So far it is to his great joy confirmed that the entire royal family will attend the festivities on July 14, including Chris O’Neill.

- We would hope for the little charmer too. We like little princess Estelle so much, it would be nice if she will attend. She seems like a very fun girl, says Wiestål.
The court can’t give any information regarding Estelle’s possible attendance during Victoriadagen.
- That is something her parents decide and it is not planned in advance, but she will be with them with if that feels good, said Bertil Ternert."
Information: Tumblr (crownprincely)

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