Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Royal Engagement Rings*

So, I guess I never thought this but, let’s get the thing that starts the Weddings happen: The Engagement Rings.
Sapphires - Catherine, Diana, Marie-Chantal, Anne, Tatiana

(Left to Right: Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of Wales, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, The Princess Royal, Princess Tatiana of Greece)
Rubies - Mary, Alexandra, Mette-Marit, Mathilde, Martha Louise, Sarah
(Left to Right: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Countess of Frederiksborg, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Duchess of Brabant, Princess Martha Louise, Duchess of York)
Diamonds (Small) - Madeleine, Victoria, Zara, Nathalie, Autumn, Alexia

Small Diamonds
(Left to Right: Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Zara Phillips, Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleberg, Autumn Phillips, Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark)
Diamonds (Medium) Sarah, Beatrix, Charlene, Elizabeth, Michiko

Medium Sized Diamonds
(Left to Right: Lady Sarah Chatto, Queen Beatrix, Princess Charlene, Queen Elizabeth II, Empress Michiko)
Diamonds (Very Large) Soraya, Margrethe, Grace, Sarah, Saleha, Paola, Camilla

Gigantic Diamonds
(Left to Right: Princess Soraya of Iran, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Princess Grace of Monaco, Crown Princess Sarah of Brunei, Queen Paola of the Belgians, Duchess of Cornwall)
Multi-Stone (Marie, Maxima)
Multi Coloured
(Left to Right: Princess Marie of Denmark, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands)
Others - Martha Louise, Letizia, Silvia, Sophie
Other Rings
(Left to right: Princess Letizia, Queen Silvia of Sweden, – Kinda hard to see, sorry – Countess of Wessex)
Update! New Rings
I have found new engagement rings. Left to right: Wallis Simpson, Top Middle (Emerald) Queen Fabiola of the Belgians, Bottom Middle (Black and White Picture) Princess Margaret, top Middle (Sapphire) Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, Bottom Middle (Diamond) Queen Rania of Jordan, Right top (Big Diamond) Viscountess Linley, bottom left (Scattered Diamonds) Princess Mabel.
Engagement Ring
The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg (Guillaume) became engaged to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy on April 26, 2012.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tiara Town

Jewel Spotlights

Jewel Collections

QEII's Tiaras Swedish Tiaras Maria Theresa's Tiaras 

Royal Tiaras

Every Tuesday is Tiara Tuesday. Here we have Royal Tiaras from the countries below:


Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Bandeau Tiara Laurel Wreath Tiara 


Spencer Tiara Greek KeyTiara Cartier Halo Scroll TiaraCambridge Lover's Lover Knot 



Ruby Parure Tiara Diamond Floral Tiara Baden Palmette Tiara 


The Greek Emerald Parure Tiara


Queen Alia's Cartier Tiara


Luxembourg Empire Tiara


Cartier Pearl Drop Tiara Grace's Small Diamond Tiara


The Antique Pearl Tiara Pearl Button Tiara Emerald Parure Tiara  Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara


Diamond Daisy Tiara Amethyst Necklace Tiara  Empress Josephine's Emerald Tiara


Prussian Diamond Tiara



Baden Fringe Tiara The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure Tiara Modern Fringe Tiara 

Jewel Events

Nothing is better than Tiaras! We have some Jewel Celebrations here:

2011 Nobel Prize Awards

Tiara Tuesday: Emerald Parure Tiara *

The Emerald Parure was created in 1898/1899 by Jeweller Eduard Schürmann & Co. in Frankfurt. It was a gift from Queen Regent Emma to her daughter, Queen Wilhelmina in 1899. The emeralds used in this parure are said to have been brought to Holland by Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia, wife of Prince Willem V of Orange-Nassau, in the 18th century. 
Late-Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix, Princess Margriet
The tiara has a figure eight and scroll motifs, has round emeralds set in diamonds to the side and is topped with three oval diamond and emerald clusters. The tiara is mounted in silver and gold.
The tiara was originally topped with three oval diamond and emerald clusters. Two oval emerald clusters were removed in the 1950's to make earrings for Queen Juliana. The now somewhat bland tiara has been worn upside down in an oriental style by Queen Juliana and her daughters in the 50's and 60's.
Princess Maxima, Princess Laurentien, Princess Mabel
The necklace has a very intricate design of diamond elements enterspersed with small emeralds. The pendant which can be attached in various ways has a figure eight and floral motif. The versatile brooch has been seen in many variations through the years, most recently on Princess Maxima and Princess Laurentien.There are different brooches, pairs of earrings and bracelets with diamonds and emeralds in the parure. 
The Parure
From 2007 onwards Princess Maxima has been seen wearing a newly acquired (versatile) pair of diamond and emerald earrings.

Pearl Setting (Duchess of Palma)
In recent years the Emerald tiara was altered again. This time the two round emeralds which were originally set on the base of the tiara were remounted on top of the tiara. The tiara has also been changed to an all diamond setting. Since 2003 the tiara of this parure has also been seen in a setting with diamonds and pearls.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Pages: Succession Sunday, Royal Wedding Street & Other News

The New Page (Succession Sunday) will be made soon and will consist of the Kings/Queens (whoever is the sovereign). This page will as well will include Royals who have been granted a new title (ex: Prince Charles when he became the Prince of Wales in 1969.)

The Other New Page (Royal Wedding Street) I am working on – inspired by Royal order of Sartorial Splendour. P.S. there are 4 weddings coming up. It will include the Royal Weddings, Upcoming Weddings, Royal Engagements, Wedding Games, Other Coverage of Weddings, and as the Royal Order has Princess/ Duchess/ Countess/ Queen Transformation.

Other News is… On Saturday – In December & November I had a What they Wore Wednesday. I will have it on Saturday because I can round up all the outfits.

Also, I will hopefully, start the posts! Once I get in order. Hopefully less that 2 weeks away, I will start, again. It’s just crazy because I have School, After School activities. So a run-down of the Weeks is:

Sunday – Succession Sunday

Monday – None

Tuesday – Tiara Tuesday

Wednesday – Wedding Wednesday

Thursday – None

Friday – Fashion Friday

Saturday – Round-up Saturday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just a word…

I recently got a new computer – Samsung if you want to know. And I have to rename my whole 620 Files and 3,520 files (Just in 1 big folder.) So for maybe 1 – 3 weeks I would not have a post unless it’s important. This is also because I have had school, hunter safety (Monday & Wednesday nights.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Princess Maxima’s Wedding Dress

This is a new section in the blog. I did not think of this first, I wanted something on Wednesday and Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor (as well as big fan!)

Maxima & Willem-Alexander

Maxima Zorreguieta and HRH The Prince of Orange

February 2, 2002


The dress was created by Valentino. Now that I look at the dress even more this is in my Top 10’s.


The dress was made of ivory Mikado silk. The Dress had a lot of movement, it looked very soft. Maxima traveled in two different vehicles (a car and a carriage) to be moved to two different venues (a civic & religious ceremonies) and yet, I looked the same.


The Dress has a 5 meter train with lace. The tiara supported a veil of silk tulle decorated with floral motifs.

Fashion Friday: Mary’s Best Fashions

On Sunday, Crown Princess Mary will celebrate her 40th birthday! I love Mary and her style. So her are some of my favourite outfits that Mary has worn.

Best Evening Dresses 

Some of my favourite evening wear. My favourite out of here would be the short pink dress. I am a sucker for Mary’s evening wear (And with a tiara!)Best Business Outfits

Mary wears pants most of the time. So, why wouldn’t I put a Business wear section. I actually love it when Mary wears pants bigger than her legs – It makes her look taller. I am in love with the black shirt, white suit, and pants (All time fave!

 Best Day Dresses

Firstly, I love all these dresses. Secondly, I have nothing else to say, she has such a chic wardrobe and she accessorises so well!