Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Pages: Succession Sunday, Royal Wedding Street & Other News

The New Page (Succession Sunday) will be made soon and will consist of the Kings/Queens (whoever is the sovereign). This page will as well will include Royals who have been granted a new title (ex: Prince Charles when he became the Prince of Wales in 1969.)

The Other New Page (Royal Wedding Street) I am working on – inspired by Royal order of Sartorial Splendour. P.S. there are 4 weddings coming up. It will include the Royal Weddings, Upcoming Weddings, Royal Engagements, Wedding Games, Other Coverage of Weddings, and as the Royal Order has Princess/ Duchess/ Countess/ Queen Transformation.

Other News is… On Saturday – In December & November I had a What they Wore Wednesday. I will have it on Saturday because I can round up all the outfits.

Also, I will hopefully, start the posts! Once I get in order. Hopefully less that 2 weeks away, I will start, again. It’s just crazy because I have School, After School activities. So a run-down of the Weeks is:

Sunday – Succession Sunday

Monday – None

Tuesday – Tiara Tuesday

Wednesday – Wedding Wednesday

Thursday – None

Friday – Fashion Friday

Saturday – Round-up Saturday

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