Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Friday: Mary’s Best Fashions

On Sunday, Crown Princess Mary will celebrate her 40th birthday! I love Mary and her style. So her are some of my favourite outfits that Mary has worn.

Best Evening Dresses 

Some of my favourite evening wear. My favourite out of here would be the short pink dress. I am a sucker for Mary’s evening wear (And with a tiara!)Best Business Outfits

Mary wears pants most of the time. So, why wouldn’t I put a Business wear section. I actually love it when Mary wears pants bigger than her legs – It makes her look taller. I am in love with the black shirt, white suit, and pants (All time fave!

 Best Day Dresses

Firstly, I love all these dresses. Secondly, I have nothing else to say, she has such a chic wardrobe and she accessorises so well!

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