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Wedding Wednesday: Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding Dress


HRH Princess Elizabeth of York and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten

November 20, 1947

Westminster Abbey, London

In 1947, Princess Elizabeth married her love, Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten. This wedding was in the middle of the war, and many people all over Britain felt every happy when Elizabeth said she was engaged to Prince Philip.

Dress InspirationDress Sketch

Elizabeth chose a court dressmaker, Norman Hartnell for her wedding dress duty. Hartnell got the inspiration of the gown from Botticelli’s painting, Primavera. (Above Left). The sketch (Above Right) was a dreamy creation in ivory duchesse satin.


Princess Elizabeth had to fund her gown with clothing coupons. She was given 200 extra coupons by the government. People sent in their own coupons to help the Princess out (these were sent back with a note of thanks, it was illegal for her to use them). The public had to be reassured that the silkworms used to create the gown came from China, rather than enemy countries. The gown was heavily embroidered with thousands of seed pearls (flown in from the United States), silver thread, crystals, and tulle appliqu├ęs.


The train was silk tulle embroidered in a star pattern that extended 13 foot back. The silk tulle veil was shorter than the train, leaving the embroidery to be the star of the show.


The bride accessorized with sandals in ivory duchesse satin fastened with a silver buckle ornamented with yet more pearls. Her bridal bouquet was made of white orchids, myrtle and was sent back to the Abbey the day after the wedding to rest on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Her bouquet was temporarily lost until someone remembered it was in a refrigerator. The shorter of her two pearl necklaces was the 'Queen Anne' necklace, said to have belonged to Anne, the last Stuart Queen; the longer 'Queen Caroline' necklace. Both were left to the Crown by Queen Victoria and were given to Elizabeth as a wedding present by her father, King George VI. In another mishap, both were left on display with the rest of the gifts at St. James Palace and had to be fetched through the crowds. They were returned to Buckingham Palace with minutes to spare before the bride's departure. Her earrings were a 20th birthday present from Queen Mary, who had inherited them from her mother. The bride also wore Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara.

Tiara Wednesday: Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

With the end of the Diamond Jubilee, we may as well have a diamond tiara.This would have to be my favourite diamond tiara, need to explain? Let’s get into the diamond tiara magic!


This is one of the many wedding present to the future Queen Mary that she received in 1893. The tiara was given to Mary by a committee that was chaired by Lady Eve Greville. The committee raised over £5,000 and bought the tiara from Garrard, after they donated the rest of the money to charities.


The tiara is designed by festoons and scrolls set on a bandeau of round and lozenge-shaped diamonds. It was topped with nine large pearl finals (left), originally. In 1914, Mary took them off, she replaced them with simpler diamond collets, she also removed the bandeau.

Up-Close - Without Base

1947, Mary gave this tiara to her granddaughter as a wedding present. Elizabeth is said to call this tiara “Granny’s tiara”. As mentioned in Diana’s Jewels. Right after the wedding, with any given tiara occasion, she wore it. The tiara became a frequent worn piece by the Princess.


It is said that Elizabeth didn’t know there was a bandeau to the tiara until after Mary’s death in 1953. Elizabeth added the Bandeau to the originally tiara in 1969. 

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No Tiara Tuesday–Sorry

Today, I got so wound up. I’m sorry I didn’t post anything on the Diamond Jubilee. Tomorrow I will give you a Tiara Wednesday and a Wedding Wednesday.

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Random Royal News: The 3rd Wedding of the Year

Front of Dress

On May 26, 2012 in Stein, Germany; Charles Alexander Graf von Faber-Castell married Melissa Eliyesil. They met in New York in 2009, when she studied at the Parsons, The New School for Design. He studied at the Columbia Business School. They married civically in September of 2011.

Dress Sketch

Her dress was designed by Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli. The Dress was made of Silk (I’m guessing), it has lace from the waist up, a square neckline, and see through shoulder sleeves.

                    Back of DressFront of Dress 2

The Dress I say is just gorgeous. I love lace, and silk together, an up-do, pearl earrings, a small bouquet like that, black hair with a lace veil – all around this might be the best wedding dress of the year!  

Their Kiss

I think they make such a cute couple together!

Fashion Friday: 2012 Diamond Jubilee Style

We are starting the Diamond Jubilee with the fashions that the royals have worn so far.


We have the Jubilee woman. With outfits from the Armed Forces Parade. The Sovereign's Luncheon. Visiting York for her UK Visit. Paying Tribute to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum. Commonwealth Day service. Visiting Leicester on her UK Tour.

Camilla - DenmarkCamilla - Norway & Sweden

Visiting Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Visiting Canada.

Camilla - Others

Camilla Paying Tribute to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum, and hosting a Sovereign's Dinner.


Kate visiting Leicester with the Queen and Prince Philip, and at the Sovereign's Luncheon. Anne paying Tribute to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum. Princess Beatrice visiting York with the Queen and Prince Philip, Paying Tribute to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum, and at the Sovereign’s Luncheon.

Sophie - Carribbean

Sophie visiting the West Indies with her husband, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Sophie - Others

Sophie also at the Commonwealth Day Service, the Armed Forces Parade, the Sovereign’s Luncheon, and Paying Tribute to Princess Margaret and the Queen Mum.

Other things I forgot (or just didn’t put in her) to put in here.

  • Anne visiting South Africa

Day 1, Outfit 1

  • Prince Harry visiting Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Brazil

Jubilee Schedule:

2 June: The Epsom Derby

3 June: The Jubilee River Pageant on the Thames, and the Big Jubilee Lunch of street and garden parties

4 June: The sky will be lit with the Diamond Jubilee Beacons, and the BBC will broadcast a concert from Buckingham Palace

5 June: The Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral and a carriage procession through London

Upcoming Jubilee Events or other Events:

  • June 16: Trooping the Colour
  • June 18: Garter Day
  • June 19-23: Royal Ascot
  • June 23: Prince William’s 30th Birthday
  • September ?: Official Visit to Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  • November ?: Official Visit to Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall