Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tiara Wednesday: Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

With the end of the Diamond Jubilee, we may as well have a diamond tiara.This would have to be my favourite diamond tiara, need to explain? Let’s get into the diamond tiara magic!


This is one of the many wedding present to the future Queen Mary that she received in 1893. The tiara was given to Mary by a committee that was chaired by Lady Eve Greville. The committee raised over £5,000 and bought the tiara from Garrard, after they donated the rest of the money to charities.


The tiara is designed by festoons and scrolls set on a bandeau of round and lozenge-shaped diamonds. It was topped with nine large pearl finals (left), originally. In 1914, Mary took them off, she replaced them with simpler diamond collets, she also removed the bandeau.

Up-Close - Without Base

1947, Mary gave this tiara to her granddaughter as a wedding present. Elizabeth is said to call this tiara “Granny’s tiara”. As mentioned in Diana’s Jewels. Right after the wedding, with any given tiara occasion, she wore it. The tiara became a frequent worn piece by the Princess.


It is said that Elizabeth didn’t know there was a bandeau to the tiara until after Mary’s death in 1953. Elizabeth added the Bandeau to the originally tiara in 1969. 

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