Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashion Awards: Nobel Prize Awards – 2011 - Part 1

Ok, So, Sweden let me down :( but, Norway made me better :). 

Best Outfit

Queen Sonja of Norway

Most Impressive - Sonja

Ok: I  did like Mette-Marit’s. Victoria’s was ok and Silvia, I didn’t like the dress she wore back in 2010.

Most Disappointing

Crown Princess Victoria

Biggest Dissapointment - Victoria

I was extremely saddened by Victoria. She had so many good years for the last 3 years.

Only and Most Disappointing Tiaras

Only Jewels

Of course, the tiaras I talked about yesterday that I hated. They wore :(

Best Heart-warming Moment

Best Moment - Mette-Marit & Haakon

I thought this was so adorable. And they were mostly holding hands the whole time of the Ceremony. :)

Best of Repeat

Best Re-Wear - Maria Theresa

Well as I said before that I really didn’t like Silvia’s Dress, the first time around. I extremely loved Maria’s the first time around, so she won.

Worst of Copycat

Worst of Copycat - Mette-Marit

Oh, Mette-Marit. Why? It’s bad enough that you copied by with that dress. Oh! Why did Valentino make that? Oh!

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