Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Christmas 2011


Best of the Best

Best of the Best I don’t know why I love Sophie’s Hat & Outfit so much? It’s just so Sophie I guess. I love Beatrice’s Coat as well as Autumn’s. Mary’s Jacket & Dress are so chic!

Best in Wee-Little ones

Best of the Wee-Little ones When there are kids involved in Fashion Awards. It’s sooo hard to choose who the winner is. And We have two boys. Well Isabella looks very cute as too Christian, Ingrid and Sverre. But, Louise looks as cute as can be.


Worst in Mix & Match

Worst of the Mix & Match

Ok. One of my favourite columns. Ok Sonja wore to much Fur. Margrethe just didn’t look nice! A plaid top, bright pink under-shirt, and a capri skirt. Anne looks not great but, not terrible. Camilla wore something totally crazy. And Mette-Marit wore too much Black.

Worst in Huh?

'The Worsts in Huh.

Well, Zara first of all. It Fashionable and trendsetting. And I love the hat, but, not with that outfit. And look at the clutch. Well, Eugenie got me puzzled. A red clutch & Hat and a Gray Jacket um…no.

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