Monday, January 2, 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: New Years Court

January 1

Best of Nice!

Best of 2012...So far - Crown Princess Mary

I have seen the tiara (many times and the dress, even at the New Year’s Court). And the earrings are new. The top with the rubies and Diamond things aren’t new. The Black Pearls are new.

Best of Uh…

Worst of Umm - Queen Margrethe

The Tiara and Jewels, I have seen before, I haven’t seen the pink dress before (I don’t think so.)

January 3

Best Dress of Mary (Possibly ever!)

Best in OMG! - Crown Princess Mary

I love the Blue it is wonderful! She made a good choice of the hair! So Beautiful! And the Collar, it’s great and the length of the sleeves are as well nice.

Worst in Fur

  Worst in Fur - Margrethe II 

Ok, first It looks fine with the print and the color. But that’s all crossed out by the Fur…Fur? Fur? Why Fur?

January 4

2nd Best Dress of Mary at the Court

The 2nd Best Dress of the New Year's Court - Crown Princess Mary

I love the silvery look not a huge fan of the print but, it’s fine and the matching jacket is nice.

Worst in Again…And Fur

Worst in Why - Queen Margrethe II.

Ok, the first time with this dress was enough but, with a HUGE Fur Coat? Why Margrethe? Why?

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