Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Top 15 Tiaras: #2: The Antique Pearl Tiara

The Antique Pearl or Poiré Pearl Tiara is often described as a remnant of a diamond and pearl coronet or Kokoshnik style tiara that has belonged to Queen Anna Paulowna, born a Grand Duchess of Russia. Queen Anna's pearl tiara was made around 1840 by Russian Court Jeweller Duval for the investiture of  King Willem II.
Queen Anne
It is unknown what exactly happened to this tiara although it's very likely that it passed on to her daughter, Grand Duchess Sophie who inherited most of her jewels and/or that it was broken up to create new jewels (as was often done).
Grand Duchess Sophie (with the pearls for the tiara)
The present day tiara, although perhaps inspired by Queen Anna's tiara, was made around 1900 for Queen Wilhelmina. The diamond base of the tiara consists of a pattern of fine diamond set garlands topped with single set brilliant cut diamonds and fleurs de lils made from marquis and brilliant cut diamonds.
Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Juliana did not wear it often, perhaps because her daughter, Beatrix had been wearing it ever since her 21 birthday. Princess Margriet has also worn the tiara on several occasions
In 2001, Princess Maxima wore the tiara with just the base and no pearls.
Since then, Maxima has worn the tiara with pearls.

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