Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you know? Royals had to marry Royals?

Mostly all the Royals back in the day had to marry someone from another Royal Family or aristocratic family. But, many royals now a days do not follow that tradition. Most of them marry who they want to marry and say that’s that. But, back in the day it was much more different. Let me show you:

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos I

Most of the Royal Experts might say: She wasn’t Royal! But, that’s where your wrong! I recently (About 5 months ago) found out that Sofia was in fact a Royal.

How? Are there any connections to any other Royal?

Yes! King Constantine II of Greece. That is her brother. King Paul was her Father and Queen Frederika was her mother.

Queen Anne-Marie and Constantine II

So, you might have already have known, Constantine was a Royal, I knew. But also Anne-Marie was also born a Royal. She is in fact, the younger sister of the Queen of Denmark.

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

This is actually an interesting story. Victoria’s mother’s brother (The King of Belgians) had a son and was named Prince Albert (The one we’re talking about). The King of Belgians and Victoria’s mother wanted Victoria and Albert to meet. And Albert and Victoria married and had 9 children who – most of them – married Royals.

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