Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiara Tuesday: Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara

Firstly, Queen Ingrid did not first wear it. Another Swedish born Princess later, into a Danish Queen wore it. Queen Louise first wore this tiara she married the Future Frederick VIII in 1869. The Tiara was a wedding gift from her grandma: Queen Josephine of Sweden.
Queen Louise
The reason was because the Diamonds stand for white and the rubies stands for red which are the colours of Denmark. Queen Louise then gave the tiara to her son Crown Prince Christian’s bride Alexandrine as a wedding gift.
Queen Ingrid with the original tiara
Queen Alexandrine then gave the tiara to Princess Ingrid (Later, Queen Ingrid) when she married Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in 1935. The Tiara now it large but, it was not always like that. It was actually a small wreath tiara then, Ingrid changed it.
Queen Ingrid with the altered tiara
This tiara (when Ingrid was alive) only wore it. She did at one point let her daughter, Princess Benedikte play with them. But, she did not share those rubies with another Royals in that Royal Family.
Crown Princess Mary
Queen Ingrid then left it to her grandson, Crown Prince Frederick, to give to his wife, Crown Princess Mary, who first wore it in 2004. Princess Mary wears it frequently for a variety of tiara events. 
Photo: The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor
The Parure consists of a brooch, Bracelet, A Ring, 2 Necklaces, a Tiara (Duh!) and I think 2 earrings.

Photos: Google Search (Key Words: "Ruby Parure Tiara"), The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

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