Sunday, May 20, 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Danish Christening

Today, was the christening of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s daughter. I watched the christening live, it was very beautiful. The princess’s name is Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie, she is so very cute.

Best Dressed Gentleman

Prince Joachim


I had to give this award to Prince Joachim for obvious reasons, he is beaming a giant grin, he is wearing a pink tie, he looks very dapper, and he made a beautiful child. Frederik would come in 2nd, he had a very nice tie, and he looks very happy to have a niece. Henrik looks good as well, for going to many christenings, he looks very good.

Best Dressed Women

Princess Marie

Best Dress Women - Princess Marie

Princess Marie was pretty much given this award, a pale pink dress and shoes, a very colourful brooch and a very cute baby. Crown Princess Mary would come 2nd, I hate prints, but I love this outfit; I love Mary’s hair, aquamarine earrings, blue clutch and shoes. It was a tie for last with Carina Axelsson (the long-term girlfriend of Prince Gustav of Berleburg) and Queen Margrethe for obvious reasons.

Best dressed in Little Ones

Princess Athena

Best Dressed Kid - Princess Athena

Princess Athena was a very cute girl at the ceremony, she put a smile on my face a lot – that’s why she’s first. Princess Isabella came in second with a repeat dress, a cute hairstyle and shoes. All the guys tied with 3rd, they all look great, especially Henrik, he looks very, very cute. And Nikolai and Felix, your father has taught you well. :)

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