Friday, May 18, 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Part 1- Greet

Best of the Day

Queen Elizabeth II


I have to give this award to Elizabeth, with 60 years of good service to England, she has to be awarded this.

Best in Beatrix

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands


To tell you the truth, I actually like this one. It has an oversized shirt (Not a big fan) and pointy shoes (Yuck!) but, Beatrix looks good in it.

Best in Traditional

Empress Michiko of Japan


I would be hard wearing traditional clothing all the time. And with Japan with their wooden shoes, I would not survive. I have to give Michiko credit!

Worst in Usual

Queen Paola of Belgium


Purple over here, a ruffle over there. It was the normal Paola at the greet. But, they way it looks isn’t terrible.

Best in Great!

ex-Queen Anne-Marie of Greece


For a queen being 65 years old, she looks fantastic! I love the dress style and the accessories she wore too.

Worst in Shinny

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg


Maria Teresa looks ok. But it looked better the first time around.

Worst in Margrethe

Queen Margrethe of Denmark


Margrethe chose the usual outfit, a suit in a ugly colour. And with a odd material.

Best in Smiley

Queen Silvia of Sweden


Silvia looks very happy, and why shouldn't she? Her first granddaughter, Estelle is getting christened in 4 days.

Best in Fabulous!

Queen Rania of Jordan


Queen Rania looks good as she usually does. I want to have that shirt it looks great!

Best in her Usual self

Duchess of Cambridge


Catherine wowed, as usual. And in a very pretty colour!

Worst in White

Countess of Wessex


Sophie looks good, as she always does. But her jacket is un-flattering. And the waist of her dress looks very odd.

What a Wonderful Surprise!

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie


I was very happy when I saw the pictures of Beatrice and Eugenie here. They look great especially Beatrice!

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