Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prinsjesdag 2012

Prinsjesdag (or Prince’s Day in English) is the day on which the reigning Monarch of the Netherlands. In this case, it would be Queen Beatrix. Addresses a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives. In the 18th century, Prinsjesdag was the country’s most popular public holidays and was celebrated on March 8th for the then Prince’s of Orange’s birthday.

Beatrix - Outfit

Beatrix wore her usual hat attire, and the dress I very much like on her. It’s looks somewhat of what the Duchess of Cambridge wore in January of this year. I know, it’s not the same, but it does look similar.

Laurentien - HatLaurentien - Outfit

Laurentien wore her usual flower in the front of her head, and a matching dress to go with it. I do in fact, like the earrings and the orange-ish sash really stands out.

Maxima - HatMaxima - Outfit

Maxima must love me today – I love the colour pink, and I love what she wore. I do in fact don’t like how the top is sort of separated from the skirt. But, the hat does have the same style two years ago – but, I do like it.


Margriet was in attendance, I didn’t find any pictures, except this one. Although, better ones are sure to come. From what it looks like, she looks amazing. I just love it when she comes out in offical events, she always looks amazing.

Sadly, this year we didn’t have Princess Mabel join us. Mabel possibly due to the fact that Prince Frisco is still in hospital after the avalanche, and she really hasn’t really appeared in many official events.

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