Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Many Tours Of September

Over the last while, two British Royal tours for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee began. While, in Denmark the Crown Prince and Princess went to Brazil, for a royal tour.

Day 1, Outfit 1Day 1, Outfit 2Day 2, Outfit 1Day 2, Outfit 2Day 2, Outfit 3Day 3, Outfit 1

The Royal tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took them to Malaysia, Singapore, Soloman Islands and Tuvalu. Many things happened to the royal couple while they were there.

Day 3, Outfit 2Day 4, Outfit 1Day 4, Outfit 2Day 5, Outfit 1Day 6, Outfit 1

Catherine made her first foreign speech, she wore beautiful clothing (like the middle outfit above), they got some new gifts, Catherine flexed her muscles, William made a speech, and Catherine danced.

Day 6, Outfit 2Day 6, Outfit 3Day 7, Outfit 1Day 7, Outfit 2Day 8, Outfit 1Day 8, Outfit 2

Catherine made many different outfit changes, she was given a dress (the pink one on the left), she wore traditional necklaces, and headgear and had some great hair.

Day 9, Outfit 1Day 9, Outfit 2

William and Kate finished their tour on the 19th of September. They will make their way back to England and chillax there for the rest of the year, probably.

Day 1, Outfit 1Day 2, Outfit 1Day 2, Outfit 2

For the Crown Prince and Princess, they went to Brazil on the 16th and will be in Brazil until the 21st of September.

Outfit 1Outfit 2Outfit 3Outfit 4Outfit 5Outfit 6Outfit 7

The Earl and Countess made another Jubilee visit. This time though, to my home nation, Canada. They went to Iqaluit, Nunavut which is the farthest north that any royal(s) have been. They also went to Toronto, where they attended the Toronto International Film Festival (The Black dress where she went to).

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