Monday, October 8, 2012

News On The Upcoming Royal Wedding

imageimage Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy gave an interview to the Luxembourgish press. Here are some of the information the couple has revealed:
  • The couple met 8 years ago in Germany on a holiday.
  • Guillaume proposed to Stephanie just three weeks prior to the announcement of the engagement.
  • Stephanie will be wearing two rings: her engagement ring and her late mother’s ring.
  • Stephanie does not know where the honeymoon will be as it is her family’s tradition for the groom to organized the honeymoon.
  • Guillaume addressed the outrage regarding the cost of wedding. He stated he understand it has sparked a debate; however, the wedding is an act of the state where many foreign guests are received.
  • The couple also addressed the criticisms of the citizenship issues. Guillaume stated he understands why people who are opposed to the automatic citizenship of Stephanie as many foreigners waited a long time for their own citizenship. However, after the marriage, Stephanie will inherit the title of Hereditary Grand Duchess and be a representative of Luxembourg.
  • Stephanie will not be getting a dual citizenship.
  • One of the cause Stephanie wants to tackle as the Hereditary Grand Duchess is loneliness as it effect many people, not just the elderly.
  • The couple’s first major engagement will be a visit to China in November.
  • Although Stephanie is the youngest of eighth children, she does not plan on having that many children.
  • In contrary to earlier report, the couple will not be living at Schloss Berg.
  • Stephanie revealed she can understand Luxembourgish very well; however, still have trouble speaking it.

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