Friday, October 19, 2012

The Civic and Pre-Wedding of Guillaume and Stephanie


Guillaume and Stephanie married civically at the town hall in Luxembourg. The ceremony was a small gathering, with only Guillaume and Stephanie’s family.

AlexandraMaria TeresaStephanieTessy


The royals were in glitz and glam for the pre-wedding of the happy couple.

Anne-Marie - Outfit Astrid - Outfit Carolina - Outfit Claire - Outfit

Queen Anne-Marie was in a repeat purple dress. Astrid wore a shiny green dress. Caroline wore a printed low-cut dress. While, Claire wore a shiny off the shoulder green dress.

Maria Teresa - Tiara Marie-Chantal - Outfit Martha Louise - Outfit

Maria Teresa wore an embroided beige dress. Much similar to Marie-Chantal. While, Martha Louise wore a disco-ball inspired silver dress.

Mathilde - Outfit Mathilde - Tiara

Princess Mathilde wore a blue dress with a shoulder dress.

Maxima - Outfit Maxima - Tiara

Princess Maxima wore a printed skirt and very, very, very bushy sleeves.

Mette-Marit - Outfit Mette-Marit - Tiara

Mette-Marit wore a pink sparky dress.

Paola - Outfit Rosario - Outfit Sonja - Outfit

Paola wore a dotted dark blue dress. A Elie Saab (I’m guessing) dress. And Sonja went for a shiny blue dress.

Fabiola - OutfitLalla Salma - Outfit

Whenever I see Fabiola, I always feel so bad. But, she didn’t dissapoint tonight. She looks great, and look at that little flower pin in her hair, it looks so cute. Lalla Salma wore traditional clothing, she can totally rock traditional clothing.

Mary - OutfitSilvia - OutfitAlexandra - Outfit

Mary pulled out her old trusty: Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure. She brought a new necklace out, which I say it looks amazing. Silvia brought a tiara, that I hate very much. But, it does looks good on her. While, Alexandra wore I think her second tiara in her life. She looks great in her dress, from which I can see.

Sophie - OutfitCountess Sophie - 1Victoria - OutfitVictoria - Unknown Tiara

Two ladies brought out two new tiaras, one good and one bad. I found out that the Queen wore this aquamarine tiara before, I never knew it existed. While, we still ponder as to what tiara Victoria is wearing. They both look great, and Victoria wore that dress before: At the 2010 Nobel Prize awards.

Stephanie - Outfit Stephanie - Tiara

Then, there’s Stephanie. A princess in the making, she will be a great Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. The tiara looks great on her hair, and I love that tiara too. While, the dress looks amazing on her as well. Then, there’s the two rings that she’s wearing. Her engagement ring and her late-mother’s ring.

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