Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Swedish Engagement!

It was announced today, that Princess Madeleine of Sweden is engaged to Chris O'Neill.

How does it feel to be engaged?
Princess Madeleine: We are both extremely happy and delighted. It is a very special day for us.
When and how did Christopher propose?
Princess Madeleine: Chris proposed to me at the beginning of October. It was a very romantic and intimate proposal, but more details about the proposal we want to keep to ourselves.
Christopher, were you nervous? Had you planned this for a long time?
I had been thinking about proposing for a while, but I wanted to wait until the right moment. But I have been sure all along that Madeleine was the one I wanted to marry.
Where did you meet the first time?
Princess Madeleine: We met through mutual friends. For me it started with a great friendship. We share the same humor and we have a lot of fun together. Christopher opened up my heart, he is my soul mate.
Christopher, when did you know Princess Madeleine was the right one?
From the very outset, I immediately felt something special with Madeleine.
What was your first impression of Christopher?
Princess Madeleine: I appreciate Chris for his warmth and his humour. He has a very big heart and he manages to make everyone in his presence feel good. Christopher is a very thoughtful and generous person.
Christopher, have you asked the King´s permission for Princess Madeleine's hand?
Yes, I met with The King and I asked His Majesty´s permission to marry Princess Madeleine.
What was the King´s response?
Christopher O'Neill: The King and The Queen were both happy, and touched as well, I think.
Christopher, do you know any Swedish?
I can say some Swedish phrases and am in the process of taking lessons so that I may speak fluently in due course.
Princess Madeleine, how do you feel about Christopher´s family?
I appreciate Christopher´s family very much. They have always been very nice to me and welcomed me with open arms. Christopher has a lovely family!
Christopher, how do you feel about Princess Madeleine´s family?
I know the Swedish royal family very well. They have been extremely welcoming to me and I felt part of the family right from the very beginning. Madeleine´s family is very warm and we have a very good time when we all see each other.
Talking about family, will you start planning for a family right away?
Princess Madeleine: Of course we look forward to getting married and someday building our own family.
Where will you live?
Princess Madeleine: For the time being we will continue to live in New York due to both of our current obligations. However, we will not exclude the possibility of moving to Sweden in due course.
Christopher, what do you think about Sweden?
Sweden is fantastic. It is such a beautiful country with very friendly people. I have mostly just been to Stockholm and Öland but I hope I will have the opportunity to visit Sweden a little more often now.
Lastly and most importantly, when is the big day?
Princess Madeleine: We will have to get back to you regarding that. The wedding will take place in Sweden sometime during the summer of 2013

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie’s Wedding: Religious Guests

So, somehow I forgot to post the guests at the Royal Wedding yesterday. How could I forget? Also, the reception will be updated, there are more guests I found.

Caroline - HatCarolineTessyAnne-MarieLalla Salma

I must say, Princess Caroline looks fabulous! I usually don’t use that word, but it’s so true! Princess Tessy wore a nice hat, the colour of the dress was fine, however. It doesn’t fit her properly, I looks terrible on her. Queen Anne-Marie wore a repeat hat from the 2011 Royal Wedding in London. I like the outfit, she looks good. I am totally LOVING Lalla Salma here, I love her hair, the colour of blue is gorgeous! Also, I am LOVING the sapphires.

Marie-Chantal - HatMarie-ChantalLetizia - HatLetizia

Princess Marie-Chantal looked Iffy, I don’t hate it but, I don’t like it. The colour doesn’t look great, I do like the length, the hat and I am in LOVE with the earrings. Princess Letizia, on the other hand, looks amazing! The detail on the coat is beautiful, the hat, isn’t my style but she totally pulls it off!

Mary - HatMaryMargrethe

Mary looked a lot better than last night’s gala, I can’t say the same about the headwear. I preferred the tiara, I don’t like the colour of the hat, but the shape isn’t bad. Then, there’s Queen Margrethe, wearing a lovely shade of purple that she wore earlier this year. I do really love the hat, and everything about this outfit.

Mathilde - HatMathildeAstridClairePaola

Princess Mathilde looks good, I like the hat, the brooch, and the colour of the coat. The only thing I don’t like is the way the coat looks on her, it doesn’t look great. Astrid, looks actually amazing! The type of coat isn’t bad, I don’t prefer the hat, but either than that, it’s amazing! I must say, lately, Princess Claire at Royal Weddings, she dresses like that very often. I like it last time, this time, I dislike it very much. The brooch is far too big, the colour is terrible and the hat isn’t helping. Paola, doesn’t look bad, I don’t like the hat, but I like the dress – very fitting.

MaximaMaxima - HatBeatrix

Call me crazy, although, I already know. I like Maxima’s outfit. I don’t know why, I just am in love with it, the only thing that I dislike is the colour of the top. Either than that, I love the look – I’m crazy. Beatrix, went with Margrethe and wore purple for the event. I must say she does look good in purple. The only thing I dislike is the hat, I never liked that type of hat.

Silvia - HatSilviaVictoriaVictoria - Hat

The Swedish ladies! Are the queens following a purple dress code? Well, Silvia is totally making that streak great. She looks fantastic here! I like Victoria, I like her hat, I don’t like the coat though. It doesn’t fit good, and the colour isn’t good as well.

SophieSophie - Hat

Sophie, is sooo on the ball this wedding. Her hats are sophisticated, yet crazy at the same time. I totally love that. Also, I will give Sophie props for this: Her dress has horses on it! I am so in love with her right now.

SonjaMette-Marit - HatMette-MaritMartha Louise

The Norwegian Ladies, I like all of them, I don’t think there’s anything to hate. Sonja looks good, the coat and dress look great on her. Mette-Marit is rocking the black lace coat, although,it doesn’t fit her well. And Martha Louise is totally on the ball lately, her style is superb this year! There’s only one thing that bugs me with Mette-Marit, her hats are either, headbands or are in the back of her head. I wish she would wear hats like Maxima, above. Ok, maybe not that crazy, but you get where I’m going with this.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Luxembourg Royal Wedding! Part 1: The Bride

I sadly didn’t see this wedding live, unlike the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Prince and Princess of Monaco. Anyhow, after the pre-wedding last night and all the good looking guests. I was wondering how everyone looked today. Well, there were so many wedding guests at we will have a double post!

Dress - FrontSome Detail

Stephanie walked down the aisle in a Elie Saab Couture. It was, in some ways, exactly what you’d expect from this designer. He certainly has a couture style, which is part of the reason why I love his work: you can tell this stuff is couture from a mile away, every tiny embellishment expertly completed by hand. And in the case of this dress, that personal effort took 3,200 hours for embroidery from a team of 15 people and 700 hours from a team of 10 seamstresses.


She wore a Lannoy family tiara, made of platinum and diamonds with a large inverted pear shape diamond in the high center. It was made by Althenloh of Brussels and was worn by Stéphanie’s sisters and sisters-in-law at their weddings. She also wore diamond earrings, a delicate necklace, and her late mother’s engagement ring as well as her own.


The train, I say, looked amazing! It fit the dress well, it wasn’t taking the attention away from the dress. But, it wasn’t too short, for the dress.

VeilDetail of Veil

The veil was placed inside of Stephanie’s bun-updo that she had. The veil had flower details on it, much similar to the train.

The Kiss

Last but not least, the very magical kiss that this balcony hasn’t seen in MANY years… they are just a great couple! I nominate them as the cutest couple of the year. Who’s with me?

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Civic and Pre-Wedding of Guillaume and Stephanie


Guillaume and Stephanie married civically at the town hall in Luxembourg. The ceremony was a small gathering, with only Guillaume and Stephanie’s family.

AlexandraMaria TeresaStephanieTessy


The royals were in glitz and glam for the pre-wedding of the happy couple.

Anne-Marie - Outfit Astrid - Outfit Carolina - Outfit Claire - Outfit

Queen Anne-Marie was in a repeat purple dress. Astrid wore a shiny green dress. Caroline wore a printed low-cut dress. While, Claire wore a shiny off the shoulder green dress.

Maria Teresa - Tiara Marie-Chantal - Outfit Martha Louise - Outfit

Maria Teresa wore an embroided beige dress. Much similar to Marie-Chantal. While, Martha Louise wore a disco-ball inspired silver dress.

Mathilde - Outfit Mathilde - Tiara

Princess Mathilde wore a blue dress with a shoulder dress.

Maxima - Outfit Maxima - Tiara

Princess Maxima wore a printed skirt and very, very, very bushy sleeves.

Mette-Marit - Outfit Mette-Marit - Tiara

Mette-Marit wore a pink sparky dress.

Paola - Outfit Rosario - Outfit Sonja - Outfit

Paola wore a dotted dark blue dress. A Elie Saab (I’m guessing) dress. And Sonja went for a shiny blue dress.

Fabiola - OutfitLalla Salma - Outfit

Whenever I see Fabiola, I always feel so bad. But, she didn’t dissapoint tonight. She looks great, and look at that little flower pin in her hair, it looks so cute. Lalla Salma wore traditional clothing, she can totally rock traditional clothing.

Mary - OutfitSilvia - OutfitAlexandra - Outfit

Mary pulled out her old trusty: Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure. She brought a new necklace out, which I say it looks amazing. Silvia brought a tiara, that I hate very much. But, it does looks good on her. While, Alexandra wore I think her second tiara in her life. She looks great in her dress, from which I can see.

Sophie - OutfitCountess Sophie - 1Victoria - OutfitVictoria - Unknown Tiara

Two ladies brought out two new tiaras, one good and one bad. I found out that the Queen wore this aquamarine tiara before, I never knew it existed. While, we still ponder as to what tiara Victoria is wearing. They both look great, and Victoria wore that dress before: At the 2010 Nobel Prize awards.

Stephanie - Outfit Stephanie - Tiara

Then, there’s Stephanie. A princess in the making, she will be a great Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. The tiara looks great on her hair, and I love that tiara too. While, the dress looks amazing on her as well. Then, there’s the two rings that she’s wearing. Her engagement ring and her late-mother’s ring.