Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Royals Love: Belts

I've noticed looking through royal maternity wear, that many royal women love belts. So, here are some Crown Princesses wearing belts (note, there's not a lot of pictures):
 Everyone knows that Catherine loves her belts! Last year, she wore 27 belts on 88 engagements (there could be more though). There's only 88 that I know of. Her belts are fashionable though, she must have a least 100 different belts... I want to see them all.
 Letizia doesn't usually wear belts as often as most princesses or royals. She wears them ocassionally, and when she does wear them. Man! They look good on her!
Mary is a royal who usually wears belts but sometimes doesn't. Her belts are nice, I like them, I swear I have that belt in the middle... Awesome! I don't really have a lot to say...
Maxima is known to wear tiny belts, normally around the size of an inch or two, or something like that.
Victoria hardly wears belts, that's why when I came across Victoria, I had to look on Google. Her belts are nice looking though. Then again, how can a belt not be ugly?
Pictures: Google. Key Words: "Crown Princess Victoria Belts"
               Old pictures, unknown

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