Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Queen" Maxima's Tiaras

I am freaking out! I went onto my Tumblr, I have Tumblr - right here. Anyways, someone posted: "What I just realized: When Maxima becomes queen she will probably have access to even more tiaras and jewels!!!!!!" Then, a gif of Tina Fey. I couldn't agree with you more! So, today is the day: To show tiaras Maxima has worn. Tiara Time!

  1. Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara
  2. Ruby Peacock Motif Tiara
  3. Mellerio Ruby Tiara
  4. Diamond Festoon Tiara
  5. Aquamarine Parure Tiara
  6. Mellerio Sapphire Tiara, diamond setting
  7. Emerald Tiara, with pearls
  8. Emerald Tiara
  9. Pearl Button Tiara
  10. Pearl Button Tiara, topped with Queen Emma's Diamond Stars
  11. Antique Pearl Tiara, without pearls
  12. Antique Pearl Tiara, with pearls
  13. Queen Wilhelmina's Diamond Haircomb
  14. Mellerio Sapphire Tiara
  15. Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara
Princess Maxima always surprises me! You never know what tiara she'll pick because the picks aren't limited. As you can tell from the list. Even on Maxima (with her mother-in-law, Beatrix and Prince Willem-Alexander)'s trip to Singapore and Brunei (I think). Maxima added two tiaras to the list! Queen Wilhelmina's Diamond Haircomb (#13), which she has worn in her hair, like behind her hair. And, the Pearl Button Tiara, but she's worn the structure, just not the pearls (#9, #10).

Pictures: Google, Unknown
Infromation: Royal Order of Sartorial Spendlor 

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