Monday, January 28, 2013

Queen Beatrix Abdicates! Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima Take The Throne!

Today, Queen Beatrix announced that after almost 33 years on the Dutch throne, she decided to abdicate the throne. She'll abdicate on April 30th, which is Koninginnedag (Queens Day), which is the day that Beatrix's mother, Juliana, gave her the throne back in 1980.

Koninginnedag will be switched to the name: Koningsdag, meaning King's Day. That's because Willem-Alexander was born into the Royal Family, making him the Royal Blood. So, he'll be the regining monarch. It will also be changed to April 27th (Willem-Alexander's actual birthday).

Abdication is nothing new to the Dutch, Luxembourgish, and Lichenstein Royal Families. It's just always a surprise when it happens. Although, many people did guess that it would the 30th of April.

Willem-Alexander will take the title: "His Majesty The King of The Netherlands". He will not be known as Willem IV as most people expected. He'll be known as: Willem-Alexander. When Maxima becomes Queen, she'll take the title: "Her Majesty The Queen of The Netherlands".

I myself was very surprised that Beatrix abdicated! Yes, she's 74 but she could still have a few more sturdy years! Speaking about Beatrix, when Willem-Alexander and Maxima take the throne, Beatrix will become: "Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc.". Of course, the etc. won't be implied.

This is just going to be awkward! Maxima is become QUEEN Maxima, Willem-Alexander is becoming KING Willem-Alexander, Beatrix is becoming PRINCESS Beatrix. Then, there's Catharina-Amalia, who's going to become Catharina-Amalia, PRINCESS OF ORANGE! This is screwing with my head already!

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  1. Why is it "messing" with your head? You sound stupid.