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The Life of: Princess Máxima of the Netherlands

With the soon ignagitation (coronation) of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands. I decided to share Máxima's past with you all - Her past is interesting, but it makes her fit for being a queen. Note: Willem-Alexander's post about his life will be later this month.
Máxima was born as Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti. She's the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta andhis second wife, María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart. She has two younger brothers, a younger sister. As well as thee older half-sisters (from her father's first marraige). Máxima was born on May 17, 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She studied at the Northlands School in Argentina and worked as a investment banked before she graduated with a Economic degree from the Universidad Católica Argentina in 1995. She worked at a large finance company in Argentina, New York, and Europe.
Máxima went to the Seville Spring Fair in Seville, Spain in 1999. While there, she met Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange. The future King of the Netherlands. When they first met, he introduced himself as just "Alexander." Willem-Alexander and Máxima became more serious and Willem-Alexander revealed himself. Maxima replied saying, "Yeah right."
Máxima recalled talking to her parents about Willem-Alexander, "I would tell them something different (about Willem) every time, but at some point there was nothing for it than to say: 'He's the prince of the Netherlands."
On March 30, 2001 - Queen Beatrix as well as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands announced the couple's engagement. Willem-Alexander gave Máxima an orange oval diamond with two smaller  white diamonds around the orange diamond.

Royal couples are always issued to seek approval from their parliament to marry their fiance or fiancee. So on request of the Dutch Parliament, Michiel Baud, a Dutch professor in Latin American studies, carried out an inquiry into the involvement of Jorge Zorreguieta in the Dirty War. Although Jorge Zorreguieta claimed that, he was unaware of the Dirty War while he was a cabinet minister.

Baud concluded it would be unlikelt that for a person in his powerful position, he wouldn't know about the war. However, when Baud looked further, he found that Jorge was in fact not involved in any of the deaths during that period.

Dutch politician Jan Van Walsen articulated the problem when he said: "The royal family must embody the symbol of our nation. How can Maxima, whose father is involved in the disappearance of thirty thousand people, be our Queen? We cannot accept it, knowing that her father did not express remorse."

Later, the Dutch Parliament decided they would allow Máxima and Willem-Alexander to marry because Máxima's father and mother would not be in attendance.
The couple married in a civic and religious wedding ceremony on February 2, 2002. Yes, 2/2/2. She wore a Valentino gown and he wore his military suit. They married in the Beurs van Berlage (for the civic wedding), Amesterdam and they followed to Nieuwe Kerk ("New Church") in Amsterdam.
(Left to right: Catharina-Amalia, Willem-Alexander, Alexia, Máxima, Ariane)
After a year, the couple had their first child. A daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia (b. December 7, 2003). Then they had 2 other daughters, Princess Alexia (b. June 26, 2005) and Princess Ariane (b. April 10, 2007).
Then, on January 31st, the Queen's 75th birthday, she announced that she would abdicate on April 30th later that year - in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander. Willem-Alexander will be King. Máxima will be Queen consort. Her daughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia will be Catharina Amalia, Princess of Orange and will someday be the future queen.

Also, on the topic of the abdication. Princess Margriet's children will all be removed from the Dutch Royal Family. The Queen's youngest son, Constantijn's children will be removed from the Royal Family as well.

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