Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tiara Sunday: Aquamarine Parure

We haven't discussed tiaras in a long time and with the inauguration coming up. Why not have a Dutch tiara?
The parure started with an Art Deco styled tiara, which was made by Dutch Jewellers: Kempen, Begeer & Vos. It was made with Diamonds and Brazilian Aquamarine.

Queen Juliana
The tiara was an eighteenth birthday present for Princess Juliana from her parents in 1927. Juliana also received a Belle Epoque/Edwardian style diamond and aquamarine demi-parure set in platinum from her grandmother, Queen Dowager Emma.

Queen Beatrix (2); Princess Irene (2); Princess Margriet (2)
It wasn't until after the Second World War that Queen Juliana started to wear the parure together in public. Queen Juliana's daughters wore the jewels many times when they were younger. Beatrix hasn't worn the parure together since the 1980's.
Princess Maxima

Since then, only Princess Margriet and Princess Maxima has worn the whole parure.
The Parure
The necklace contains 6 large square aquamarines and has a single rectangular aquamarine pendant. The necklace can be shortened and can even be turned into a necklace. The earrings are made out of briolette cut Aquamarines and were a present from (then) Princess Juliana's mother-in-law, Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. The large brooch in the set is made up of a large rectangular Aquamarine set with small baguette cut Aquamarines. They were a wedding present from Prince Bernhard in 1937.

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