Sunday, April 22, 2012

Late Fashion Friday: Queen Elizabeth II’s Style

Yesterday, was Elizabeth’s 86th birthday! Happy Birthday! So, I am young. She is old yet, I really love Elizabeth’s Style. She is like the Duchess of Cambridge but of older age. So here are Elizabeth’s Style in her later years:


Blue would probably be the Queen’s most used colour. And she looks absolutely great in Blue.


Beige and Brown is not a favourite of the Queen. Although, she does wear the colour on un-official occasions (ex: horse racing.)


Floral is a must have for the Queen. She has to at least wear something floral ever week. And if it is not week it would be ever month. I am not a big fan of floral but, the Queen looks great in it.


Pink! Yah! My favourite colour, Pink looks really good on the Queen, whatever shade or whatever hat. (I am fond of every hat and coat she is wearing here.) Lovely Queen.


I think the Queen looks good in purple, but a specific colour of purple. I like the light colour on her (far left) and the darker blue (3rd to the left) but, who am I to judge? It’s her classic fashion choice it’s her opinion.


Red is a good colour on Elizabeth (Wait, what am I saying, all of them look good on her.) But, Red looks really good on her.


White is a favourite of the Queen at a State Visit. 2nd and 3rd to the left were a State Visit from Turkey. And I have to say she looks great in white.


Queen Elizabeth’s favourite colour is Yellow. So, I wonder why she doesn’t wear Yellow a lot more. But, we all remember the day where she wore Yellow ironically, William and Catherine’s Wedding.

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