Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Royal News: The 2nd “Wedding” of the Year

Well, today was the Civic Ceremony (That’s why I put quotation marks on the Wedding.) of Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Parma and Albert Alphons Ludgerus Brenninkmeijer.The couple were engaged just on January 9, 2012. The soon-to-be Prince and Princess both studied at a university (something that rarely happens.) They knew each other for at least a year, I don’t know where they met though. So here are pictures of the future bride and groom:

Civic Dress

Maria wore a (I am just guessing) satin blue dress, knee length, short sleeves and some sort of things going on in the top of the dress. Maria is the daughter of the late Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma and Princess Irene.

The Groom

Her is the soon to be royal groom. The groom is a very rich man, his family owns C&A France. Albert is the third child of Alphons Brenninkmeijer and Cecilé Duwaer.


Princess Laurentien was in attendance, other big Dutch Royals will come and see the real wedding on June 16, later this year.

The next royal wedding is with Prince 'Ulukalala of Tonga and Hon. Sinaitakala Fakafanua. They will marry on May 4, 2012.

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