Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Style!–Part 1, Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics started yesterday, sorry I didn’t post, I was in Newfoundland on vacation. But, back to business! When I was watching the opening ceremonies on TSN, they showed the Royals, awesome!!! So here is the style of royals:

Opening Ceremonies

The Queen, had a acting job for the Olympics, when she did come to the stadium she wore a pink dress, with a pink hat (wasn’t expecting the hat).


Camilla wore a repeat amount of clothing, but a new brooch! I really like it, the union jack in the shape of a heart. The Duchess of Cambridge showed up in her normal (boring) clothes, I did like the nice fabric, though.


Crown Princess Mary, and Crown Prince Frederik was in attendance. I love what Mary wore – apart from the shoes. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco are at the Olympics, more than a year after their wedding. Charlene, wore white, I like white. I liked her jacket and shirt, her pants however, look terrible.


The Prince and Princess of Orange were at the Olympics, Maxima wearing a nice Orange coloured dress – which, I must say, looks amazing on her!


Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway was in attendance, I saw them. I can’t find any picture though :(

Princess Anne in normal clothes; I don’t know what Queen Anne-Marie of Greece wore, and also Princess Tatiana, came!


I also want to show you the Olympic Torch, if you didn’t/haven’t see it:


Under view, left; and the top blinding view.

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