Sunday, July 8, 2012

Programming Note

So, I know I haven’t posted for a really long time now. I thought about about closing the blog – no! That is not an option no more! I thought, I will just post anything whenever.

Ex: I could post a tiara post on Friday instead of a Tuesday, I could bring new things into the blog, too.

The reason behind me not blogging is the following:

  • Boy Issues. I’m a girl, I like guys, I met this guy in June, I have only thought about him, and the fact that I may never see him again, got me emotional. Don’t blame me!
  • I have other activities, I have been writing other things, I have been hanging out with friends (a girl has to have a social life!), I have been on some trips.
  • Also, from July 16-29, I think, I will be gone on a trip to Newfoundland, I will have no internet access, so I won’t post anything.

Today, I will post a few things, since there are important things in the Royal World.

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