Sunday, March 3, 2013

A King and Queen in the Hospital

Queen Elizabeth II has been admitted to hospital to treat her gastroenteritis.

The Queen has been taken into hospital as doctors continue to treat her gastroenteritis. All engagements for the week have been cancelled.
Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail)

The Queen was going to go over to Wales to celebrate "St. David's Day". I have a funny story about that: My friends wondered if there were other googles, so I put in: and it came up with the St. David's Day Doodle... funny, right? No. Ok.

I hope all the best to the Queen!

While, in Spain, King Juan Carlos I is getting his left hip back into position after it was slightly dislocated. The surgery is to take place today. He went to the hospital with, his wife, Sofia. His daughters, Elena and Cristina. As well as his son, Felipe and his wife, Letizia.

I hope all the best to the King!

Information: Tumblr, the Royal Correspondent, Twitter
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