Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Christmas 2011


Best of the Best

Best of the Best I don’t know why I love Sophie’s Hat & Outfit so much? It’s just so Sophie I guess. I love Beatrice’s Coat as well as Autumn’s. Mary’s Jacket & Dress are so chic!

Best in Wee-Little ones

Best of the Wee-Little ones When there are kids involved in Fashion Awards. It’s sooo hard to choose who the winner is. And We have two boys. Well Isabella looks very cute as too Christian, Ingrid and Sverre. But, Louise looks as cute as can be.


Worst in Mix & Match

Worst of the Mix & Match

Ok. One of my favourite columns. Ok Sonja wore to much Fur. Margrethe just didn’t look nice! A plaid top, bright pink under-shirt, and a capri skirt. Anne looks not great but, not terrible. Camilla wore something totally crazy. And Mette-Marit wore too much Black.

Worst in Huh?

'The Worsts in Huh.

Well, Zara first of all. It Fashionable and trendsetting. And I love the hat, but, not with that outfit. And look at the clutch. Well, Eugenie got me puzzled. A red clutch & Hat and a Gray Jacket um…no.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tour Destinations

Upcoming Tours


Britain – Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guniea, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Italy, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Tuvalu, Soloman Islands, UK, Bahamas, Jamacia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, British Virgin Islands



Netherlands – Vietnam

Netherlands - Qatar


Netherlands – Germany


Britain - Canada


Britain - Canada


Netherlands - Caribbean


Netherlands - Caribbean

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tiara Tuesday: Queen Elisabeth’s Diamond Bandeau

Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Bandeau Tiara - Up-close

The art deco tiara was made in the early twentieth century for Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians, often called "The Red Queen" because of her communist sympathies.  Elisabeth married the future King Albert I of the Belgians in 1900; she is the grandmother of the current king, Albert II, and the great-grandmother of Prince Philippe.  Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Bandeau Tiara - Up-close - Paola 

Paola wearing the Bandeau

Princess Mathilde wearing the Bandeau on her Wedding Day.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion Friday: Royals during Christmas/ Christmas Cards


The Danish Royals in at Christmas last year – Frederik, Isabella, Mary and Christian was not in attendance. I am very sure that this is where Marie & Joachim married and where Prince Henrik (Tiny, not Big) was christened. And Marie’s family was in attendance


Last year at the church service, before going to Sandringham. The Duke of Cambridge (Then, Prince William), Duchess of Cambridge (Then, Kate Middleton) and maybe more were not in attendance.


The Spanish Royals smiling for their 2011 Christmas Card. I love Felipe & Letizia’s Photo. As well as Victoria & Felipe’s Photo (They added their dog into it!) I like the Duchess of Palma’s Family posing – Especially her daughter (squint!) the sun is in her eyes.


I like all the pictures. Was there a Purple code like Elisabeth’s 10th birthday? I like the individual pictures too. Oh, Emmanuel! You are a bundle of cuteness (The one in a tractor)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tiara Tuesday: Prussian Diamond Tiara*

The diadem was a wedding present for Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia from her father, Kaiser Wilhelm II. It was made by the Imperial jeweller Koch, in platinum and diamonds. In Berlin, he met Princess Viktoria Luise and a year later, in May 1913, the Princess married him wearing her father’s present.
Princess Frederika of Hanover
Ernest Augustus III, who would become the last reigning Monarch of the House of Hanover as the Duke of Bunrswick, and Viktoria Luise of Prussia, the Duchess of Brunswick, had five children. Their only daughter, Princess Frederika of Hanover, received the Prussian tiara from her mother, and took it with her to Athens when she married in 1938 the Crown Prince of Greece.

The Crown Prince and Princess had a daughter just ten months after their wedding, Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark, the current owner of the tiara, maternal granddaughter of the original owner, Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia. Queen Frederica lent the tiara to her first daughter for some of her first tiara events.
In September of 1961 the King of Greece announced Sophia's engagement to the Spanish Prince Juan Carlos. In 1962, Princess Sophia married Prince Juan Carlos of Spain in Athens, wearing the Prussian tiara. And through the now Princess Sofía of Spain, the diadem became part of the Spanish collection.  During the first years of marriage, first as Princess and later as Queen, Queen Sofía wore the tiara regularly. However, since her tiara choices grew and her daughters started using this one, Sofia stopped using the Prussian diadem so frequently. Since the Prince of Asturias marriage in 2004, practically the only member of the Family who has used it is Princess Letizia  
The Prussian can be considered an starter tiara, it was a present for a young Princess of Prussia, it was used by a young Princess of Hanover and it was the first tiara a young Princess Sophia of Denmark used in public. The first time Infanta Cristina attended a State dinner in the Royal Palace, she used this tiara. It is, of course, the first tiara the Princess of Asturias wore. Images: Google (Key Words: "Prussian Diamond Tiara", "Prussian Diamond Tiara Sofia",

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashion Awards: Nobel Prize Awards – 2011 - Part 1

Ok, So, Sweden let me down :( but, Norway made me better :). 

Best Outfit

Queen Sonja of Norway

Most Impressive - Sonja

Ok: I  did like Mette-Marit’s. Victoria’s was ok and Silvia, I didn’t like the dress she wore back in 2010.

Most Disappointing

Crown Princess Victoria

Biggest Dissapointment - Victoria

I was extremely saddened by Victoria. She had so many good years for the last 3 years.

Only and Most Disappointing Tiaras

Only Jewels

Of course, the tiaras I talked about yesterday that I hated. They wore :(

Best Heart-warming Moment

Best Moment - Mette-Marit & Haakon

I thought this was so adorable. And they were mostly holding hands the whole time of the Ceremony. :)

Best of Repeat

Best Re-Wear - Maria Theresa

Well as I said before that I really didn’t like Silvia’s Dress, the first time around. I extremely loved Maria’s the first time around, so she won.

Worst of Copycat

Worst of Copycat - Mette-Marit

Oh, Mette-Marit. Why? It’s bad enough that you copied by with that dress. Oh! Why did Valentino make that? Oh!

Fashion Friday: Noble Prize Awards Trough the Years

Ok, ya, It’s late (well, it depends where you live.) Ok, just a heads-up, I will have a Fashion Saturday for the Queen’s Dresses – which are amazing (Take my word). So enjoy they last 10 years of fashion!


Queen Silvia - Ceremony Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony

Dresses: Ok, Love Silvia right now! The Nina Rucci Dress is amazing! I like Victoria’s but, not a Huge Fan.

Tiaras: If anyone knows me personally, you would know, that I LOVE Tiaras. I like the Baden Fringe Tiara. I as well like the Sapphire tiara that Silvia is wearing.


Princess Benedike - Ceremony - Tiara Princess Madeleine - Ceremony - Tiara

Dresses: Ok. Um…Well we have a Swedish/Danish/Greek/German Princess. Benedick accualy is related to the Swedish Family (because her mum was a Swedish Princess). Anyways, Madeleine, Madeleine, Madeleine. Way to low cut! You know better. I am partly in love with Benedick’s Dress.

Tiaras: Ya! The Modern Fringe Tiara is on top of Madeleine’s head! And Benedick, always a favourite of yours.

Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dress: Ok, um…it’s not that bad.

Tiara: Not a favourite tiara of mine. Not a good year for Silvia.


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony - Tiara

Dresses: Well… sorry to say but, they are both terrible, a wreck.

Tiaras: Not loving Victoria’s but, I am loving Madeleine’s…Is it her property?

Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dress: The Dress is to much for my taste.

Tiara: I like the tiara. Sorry but…It looked better on Madeleine.


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dresses: Accually, not terrible! They are very lovely!

Tiaras: I don’t like Victoria’s but, I do like Silvia’s.


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dresses: I am actually all in love with all of them. Especially Madeleine’s!

Tiaras: Silvia is busting out the Cameo Tiara. Nice!


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony

Dresses: Love all of them!

Tiaras: Love all of them, again.

Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dress: Amazing. I actually love the big, long sleeves.

Tiara: Again, so very lovely.


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dresses: Not really a good year for the dresses. Oh, Silvia! What are you wearing. Madeleine is the only one who is decent.

Tiaras: Again, Madeleine… the only one decent. I don’t like Victoria’s or Silvia.


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dresses: Ok, Silvia, you have to step up your game. And Victoria! You look so beautiful! So lovely! So…I can’t put it into words!

Tiaras: OMG! Everyone had a good tiara! OMG! OMG!


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Princess Madeleine - Ceremony

Dresses: I love them all. They are amazing!!

Tiaras: Ok Madeleine is always the one who makes me happy. Victoria you should have worn the Amethyst Tiara.

Queen Silvia - Ceremony

Dress: Silvia, go back to wearing Jørgen Bender.

Tiara: Latley, it seems Silvia just wears this tiara every 2 years. Could this be the tiara she wears tomorrow?


Crown Princess Victoria - Ceremony Crown Princess Victoria - King's Dinner

Dresses: Yeah, both Elie Saab – A brand I now love. Ok at the King’s Banquet it’s ok. At the Ceremony, Oh! If I wore it I would look super old!

Tiara/Hair Piece: Oh, The Cut Steel Tiara has never looked so lovely on Victoria’s head.

Queen Silvia - Ceremony Queen Silvia - King's Dinner

Dresses: Ok… First the Ceremony. OMG! LOVE it! So much Emerald. And The King’s Banquet. Um… Should I say anything?

Tiaras: They should really get a emerald tiara, to go with Green Dresses. But overall the tiaras are ok.




  • Crown Princess Victoria
  • Prince Carl Philip
  • Queen Silvia
  • King Carl


  • Grand Duke Henri
  • Grand Duchess Maria



  • Victoria - Elie Saab


  • Maria Theresa – Elie Saab