Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Friday: Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s Style

10 years ago to this day, the Queen Mother pasted away at the age of 101. And I thought is would be great to honour this lovely lady. Also, Autumn Phillips gave birth to her second child, Isla Phillips.

Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon

The Queen Mother started off as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was a Scottish aristocrat. She met Prince Albert (Later, King George VI) at a dance and he said to one of his friends, “I will marry her”. They danced and he fell in love at that moment but, she did not. He proposed to Elizabeth 3 times until she finally said yes.

Duchess of York

The Queen first began her royal life as, the Duchess of York. Something she did not think would happen was her being Queen. See, at the time of her being the Duchess of York her brother-in-law – Edward – met Wallis Simpson (a 2-time divorced American) Edward had to chose their the Crown or Wallis. He chose Wallis so then Elizabeth became the Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen had a very good style, a style icon and that helped her a lot because she was queen for 16 years. Her, husband died at the age of 51 in 1952. The Queen became the Queen Mother and her style changed too, she went for brighter clothing.

The Queen Mother

When her husband died in 1952, she became the Queen Mother. She Wore brighter clothing after her husband died. As well as, prints, very experimental clothing. Then, in 2002 she died at the age of 101.

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