Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara


The Diamond Bandeau consists of twenty-seven very large old mine diamonds which are set as a single graduating row on a light platinum wire frame. The large diamonds were taken from the rivière of 34 large old mine diamonds, which was part of the National Wedding Gift presented to Queen Emma in 1879. The bandeau contains in total more than 100 carat weight in diamonds. The Diamond Bandeau was first seen on Princess Juliana in 1937.


Queen Juliana has worn the bandeau of diamond many times and in most cases with a matching set of earrings made from large old cut diamonds.


Princess Margaret began to wear it before and after her marriage. She usually doesn’t wear this tiara now a days.


Queen Beatrix began to wear this tiara only in recent years although her sisters Princess Margriet and Princess Christina had worn it in the past.

But it is Princess Maxima who wears this simple but stunning diamond tiara to its maximum effect. This is the tiara that she usually wears.


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  2. So-to-be Queen Maxima knows how to rock this tiara! It really looks the best on her, when she has her "tiara hair" going.

    I love this tiara! It's one of my favorites!