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Wedding Wednesday: Princess Tessy’s Wedding Gown

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HRH Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony

September 29, 2006

Civic Dress

In September of 2005, the grand Ducal Palace issued a announcement – a surprised announcement – 19 year old Prince Louis was expecting a child with his girlfriend, 20 year old Tessy Antony. Tessy met Louis in Luxembourg’s army serving (a future royals can be in the army.) Actually when the pregnancy was announced really no one really knew that Louis even had a girlfriend. On March 12, 2006, their first son Gabriel was born. In June of that same year, they announced they were getting married.

Side - Top

About a month before the ceremony, Louis renounced his own rights to the throne as well as those of all his descendants. (Like many royals before him – Wink, Wink Edward VIII.) He actually couldn’t do that, but he was following a precedent set by his uncle, Prince Jean.

The Gown

The couple first married a civic ceremony at the Grand Ducal Palace. Then they married religiously at a church in Gilsdorf. Tessy did not wear a custom wedding dress she bought a dress from Pronovias and some gloves from Pronovias which she removed during the ceremony (most likely while putting the rings on.)

Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa & Gabriel

A year after they married, Tessy and Louis welcomed a second child, Noah. On National Day in 2009, the Palace announced that Grand Duke Henri granted his daughter-in-law Princess of Luxembourg, and his grandsons the titles of Prince Nassau (the name of their Royal House). As a bonus, everyone was to be styled HRH (His/Her Royal Highness).

Louis's Siblings

Louis’ siblings (left to right): Prince Félix, Prince Sébastien, Prnce Guillaume (the Hereditary Grand Duke, Princess Alexandra)

These days, the couple and their family (Sons) live in London, where they are both students. And comes to Luxembourg for big occasions (National Day, Weddings, probably Christmas)

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