Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Tiaras

Well, I don’t know why, but I am having a Luxembourg week! So today, Wednesday and Friday will all have Luxembourg things! P.S. I was going to have a Luxembourg tiara but I couldn’t find a lot of people wearing them.
Maria Thesea - Congo Diamond Necklace TiaraMaria Theresa - Diamond Floral Tiara #1Maria Theresa - Diamond Floral Tiara #2Maria Theresa - Turquoise Tiara
1 – Congo Diamond Necklace Tiara is usually a tiara mostly all Luxembourg Royal Brides wear. Anyways, Marie-Teresa was given this tiara from her late mother-in-law Joséphine-charlotte as a wedding present (which she did wear at her wedding). Hopefully, as a royal, Princess Alexandra will wear this at her wedding and Prince Guillaume’s future bride might wear.
2 – Diamond Floral Tiara #1 is a small diamond tiara. It is a wedding tiara, worn (and loaned from Maria Teresa) by Marie Christine.
3 – Diamond Floral #2 is bigger than Diamond Floral #1 but still nice. I like this tiara more with her hair down.
4 – Turquoise Tiara is not a favourite of mine, this tiara is most likely my least favourite of the Luxembourg tiara collection. Maria Theresa’s daughter-in-law Princess Tessy has worn this tiara before (at the National Day of Luxembourg in 2010)
Maria Theresa - Amethyst TiaraMaria Theresa - Aquamarine Bandeau TiaraMaria Theresa - Chaumet Emerald Tiara
5 - Amethyst Tiara has to have bigger Amethysts they are way to small. I like love the necklace. Random Thought! The Royal Families need to have more Amethyst tiaras (so happy Princess Marie of Denmark is getting one!)
6 - Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara is like the only Aquamarine tiaras out in the Royal Families (well not really, there are 2 other Aquamarine tiaras.)
7 - Chaumet Emerald Tiara is my 3rd favourite Luxembourg Tiara. The design is not a big fan of me. I wish the giant diamonds and medium diamonds would either be smaller or removed.
Maria Theresa - Luxembourg Empire TiaraMaria Theresa - Grand Duchess Josephone-Charlotte's Diamond Scroll TiaraMaria Theresa - Topaz Tiara
8 - Luxembourg Empire Tiara as you might remember was my #5 of my Top 15 tiaras. I love it! Anyways, Maria Teresa has worn this tiara publicly after Joséphine-Charlotte’s death in 2005. (Just a possible reason: Joséphine I think never liked Maria because of where she was born. Yes, where she was born.) Maria Teresa, never wore the tiara before her death in 2005.
9 - Joséphine-Charlotte's Diamond Belgian Scroll Tiara is a nice tiara. it would be in my top 40 tiaras. Anyways, (haven’t you noticed I am getting so side-tracked?) this was the 2nd tiara that Joséphine-Charlotte wore on her head during her wedding. (Her first was the Congo Diamond Tiara) And this tiara was suppose to be sold but, thank goodness, Grand Duke Henri didn’t let that happen!
10 - Topaz Tiara is (I think) the only topaz tiara in any of the Royal Families/Houses. It is nice, it’s not bad. Plus, ow! Big earrings, doesn’t it hurt her ears?
Maria Theresa - Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide's TiaraMaria Theresa - Joséphine-Charlotte's Van Cleef and Arpels Emerald and Diamond Convertible TiaraMaria Theresa - Pearl and Diamond Choker Tiara
11 - Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide's Tiara would be my 2nd favourite Luxembourg tiara. This would have been my tiara for today, but I only have pictures of Maria in the tiara, no one else.
12 - Joséphine-Charlotte's Van Cleef and Arpels Emerald and Diamond Convertible Tiara is a really long name that I will probably never say. I don’t want to be mean but, this is a ugly tiara. I could be wrong but, I think Princess Tessy wore this tiara before Maria (GASP!)
13 - Pearl and Diamond Choker Tiara – I like Pearls and Chokers but not Pearls and Chokers (together – if you couldn’t see my hint.) And to be truthful it looks like a fence. Yes, a fence.

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  1. Maria Theresa has worn the Luxembourg Empire Tiara after Josephine-Charlotte's death. She wore it to the wedding of CP Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling in 2010.