Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Crown Princess Victoria’s Wedding Dress

Her Dress

Back in June 19 of 2010, Crown Princess Victoria wed her boyfriend of 8 years, Daniel Westling – who was her Personal Trainer, I have never heard that fairy tail before :). Anyways, back to the thing that is important – the dress. Pär Engsheden made the dress for today. The dress was cream-colored duchess silk satin. The rounded collar was turned down all the way around, ending in a v-shape in the back, where the dress was fastened with buttons covered in silk. A cummerbund-style sash emphasized Victoria's waist, and it looks like the sash was possibly separate from the dress itself. The short sleeves were perfect for keeping modesty in the church.


Victoria had many accessories. On her head was the no diamond, Cameo Tiara – Yep, no diamonds! She wore the Cameo earrings and bracelet. And then there is her engagement ring and her wedding band. Her bling shoes, her small but, lovely bouquet. And her heirloom veil, which was worn many times before her.

Top (Back)Back

The Back of the dress was very nice. During the ceremony she wore a petticoat – a train that is attached to your waist instead at the bottom of the dress. She took it off during the dinner.

Train, Front & Portraits

The Train was believe it or not, was 5 meter (16 feet) train. That’s no Lady Diana Spencer or Sarah Ferguson but, it is big for a Swedish Royal Wedding.

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