Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Princess Tessy’s Style

Princess Tessy has been a fashion icon (good or bad) since she has joined the Royal Ducal Family. Here are some of the attire that Tessy has worn since her wedding to Prince Louis in 2006.

Hat and Hair

Tessy has donned many hats (ok maybe not at least 10 a year but, whatever!). She has worn good (Right and 2nd to left) and bad (2nd to right and middle) or just ok (Left) hats. Mostly all the hats she have ever worn was at National Day which only comes once every year. So, just about 1 hat appearance each year!


Tessy has as well worn good outfits (2 middle) or ok (Right) or just terrible (left). I wish she would just wear good clothes all the time, she is so beautiful!

Missed Outfits

Here are my picks for the worst outfits all are from National Day, except the outfit with the green dress (that’s at Christmas).

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