Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Cheltenham Festival 2012


Anne attended Day 2 and Day 4. Sadly she didn’t bring her A-game. She did wear a hat Zara wore last year (left).

Best Coats – Zara Division

Zara - Best Coats


Best Hats – Zara Division

Zara - Best Hats


Worst of Oh Boy & Worst Repeats


Well, first the scarf. I don’t like that scarf (worn in Christmas of 2010). Next, the hat (first worn at Christmas 2011) and many days after that.

Diana wearing the diamond Prince of Wales feather brooch for a theatre visit in Vienna in 1986

Plus, Oh Snap! Camilla wore Diana’s Necklace. Well, she isn’t wearing a dead woman’s necklace. (Well she is) But, the pendant was a gift to all of the Princesses of Wales. First given to Queen Alexandra (if I am not mistaken) and then to all the Princesses of Wales after that. (And possibly to the Duchess of Cambridge?) Diana just added the emerald to it.

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