Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Princess Maxima’s Tour Style

Well, the Queen of the Netherlands just finished her tour to Luxembourg. I will have all the Queen & Grand Duchess’s outfits.

Well, first of all, Maxima has epic style when it comes to tours! Secondly, the 2 tours Maxima took are my favourite!

Maxima - Caribbean - Outfits - Part 1

Days 1-4 (I think) the first length of the tour was the best. So much colour! She also donned a lot of Jewels on the tour (below will be all the earrings she wore). My all time favourite was the blue dress she wore on her 3rd day.

Maxima - Caribbean - Outfits - Part 2

The rest of the days on the Caribbean tour. Not a big fan of the other clothes, mostly all are printed (I don’t like printed clothes).

Maxima - Caribbean - Earrings

The earrings were high jewelled – well the ones that were actually jewels. She did wear the earrings great.

Maxima - Caribbean - Hats

The hats were the main attraction on the tour – either than the royals and her clothes but, still. She wore some epic looking hats.

Maxima - Caribbean - Shoes

The shoes – I love shoes. Who doesn’t? I got a new pair of shoes today. Anyways, the shoes she wore were ok, I would have liked something different but that was Maxima’s opinion, not mine.

Maxima - Germany - Outfits - Part 1

Maxima took a tour to Germany back in April of 2011. And it was glamorous – well, she did wear a tiara. Anyways, I liked the first days of the tour until, we come to the green dress. I wish she really didn’t wear that, it doesn’t flatter her body.

Maxima - Germany - Outfits - Part 2

I love the 4 outfits Maxima wore on the tour. Although they were not all my favourite, they still looked good on Maxima.

Maxima - Germany - Hats

The Hats/ the tiara were ok – the hats were ok, Tiaras are always great. She didn’t really wear any great hats but, she wore ok hats.

Beatrix’s Tour to Luxembourg

Beatrix (Visit to Luxembourg)

Beatrix had a 2 day tour to Luxembourg. She did not wear anything great – except the tiara…that is sad, not to be rude or anything.

Maria Teresa (Visit to Luxembourg)

Maria Teresa on the other hand was very lovely. The hats were great and the dresses & coats were good. The sequined dress was great, the tiara was a diamond floral tiara and if you hadn’t noticed the dress was Elie Saab. And hey! Did I see that dress before? No! Victoria at the Nobel Awards didn’t wear Elie Saab.

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