Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Carl XVI Gustaf Modern Fringe Tiara


This Tiara doesn’t have a lot of history to it but, it is a darn good sparkler. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden gave this tiara to Queen Silvia in 1986 for their 10th wedding anniversary.


This tiara is Princess Madeleine’s tiara of choice. She did not wear this tiara to her sister’s wedding in 2010. But, she did wear it as a necklace at her pre-wedding the day before (below, left)

Madeleine - Necklace

Princess Madeleine’s tiara of choice I would say is her necklace of choice. The Tiara as a Necklace I think might even look better as a necklace than a tiara.

Silvia - Necklace

Queen Silvia has worn this tiara as a necklace not a lot. But, has worn it.


You know what’s odd, it’s Silvia’s tiara. Yet, she has only worn it once (or more, I don’t know, if there is, I have no pictures)

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