Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Friday: Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s Style

10 years ago to this day, the Queen Mother pasted away at the age of 101. And I thought is would be great to honour this lovely lady. Also, Autumn Phillips gave birth to her second child, Isla Phillips.

Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon

The Queen Mother started off as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She was a Scottish aristocrat. She met Prince Albert (Later, King George VI) at a dance and he said to one of his friends, “I will marry her”. They danced and he fell in love at that moment but, she did not. He proposed to Elizabeth 3 times until she finally said yes.

Duchess of York

The Queen first began her royal life as, the Duchess of York. Something she did not think would happen was her being Queen. See, at the time of her being the Duchess of York her brother-in-law – Edward – met Wallis Simpson (a 2-time divorced American) Edward had to chose their the Crown or Wallis. He chose Wallis so then Elizabeth became the Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen had a very good style, a style icon and that helped her a lot because she was queen for 16 years. Her, husband died at the age of 51 in 1952. The Queen became the Queen Mother and her style changed too, she went for brighter clothing.

The Queen Mother

When her husband died in 1952, she became the Queen Mother. She Wore brighter clothing after her husband died. As well as, prints, very experimental clothing. Then, in 2002 she died at the age of 101.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Crown Princess Victoria’s Wedding Dress

Her Dress

Back in June 19 of 2010, Crown Princess Victoria wed her boyfriend of 8 years, Daniel Westling – who was her Personal Trainer, I have never heard that fairy tail before :). Anyways, back to the thing that is important – the dress. Pär Engsheden made the dress for today. The dress was cream-colored duchess silk satin. The rounded collar was turned down all the way around, ending in a v-shape in the back, where the dress was fastened with buttons covered in silk. A cummerbund-style sash emphasized Victoria's waist, and it looks like the sash was possibly separate from the dress itself. The short sleeves were perfect for keeping modesty in the church.


Victoria had many accessories. On her head was the no diamond, Cameo Tiara – Yep, no diamonds! She wore the Cameo earrings and bracelet. And then there is her engagement ring and her wedding band. Her bling shoes, her small but, lovely bouquet. And her heirloom veil, which was worn many times before her.

Top (Back)Back

The Back of the dress was very nice. During the ceremony she wore a petticoat – a train that is attached to your waist instead at the bottom of the dress. She took it off during the dinner.

Train, Front & Portraits

The Train was believe it or not, was 5 meter (16 feet) train. That’s no Lady Diana Spencer or Sarah Ferguson but, it is big for a Swedish Royal Wedding.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Carl XVI Gustaf Modern Fringe Tiara


This Tiara doesn’t have a lot of history to it but, it is a darn good sparkler. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden gave this tiara to Queen Silvia in 1986 for their 10th wedding anniversary.


This tiara is Princess Madeleine’s tiara of choice. She did not wear this tiara to her sister’s wedding in 2010. But, she did wear it as a necklace at her pre-wedding the day before (below, left)

Madeleine - Necklace

Princess Madeleine’s tiara of choice I would say is her necklace of choice. The Tiara as a Necklace I think might even look better as a necklace than a tiara.

Silvia - Necklace

Queen Silvia has worn this tiara as a necklace not a lot. But, has worn it.


You know what’s odd, it’s Silvia’s tiara. Yet, she has only worn it once (or more, I don’t know, if there is, I have no pictures)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Princess Maxima’s Tour Style

Well, the Queen of the Netherlands just finished her tour to Luxembourg. I will have all the Queen & Grand Duchess’s outfits.

Well, first of all, Maxima has epic style when it comes to tours! Secondly, the 2 tours Maxima took are my favourite!

Maxima - Caribbean - Outfits - Part 1

Days 1-4 (I think) the first length of the tour was the best. So much colour! She also donned a lot of Jewels on the tour (below will be all the earrings she wore). My all time favourite was the blue dress she wore on her 3rd day.

Maxima - Caribbean - Outfits - Part 2

The rest of the days on the Caribbean tour. Not a big fan of the other clothes, mostly all are printed (I don’t like printed clothes).

Maxima - Caribbean - Earrings

The earrings were high jewelled – well the ones that were actually jewels. She did wear the earrings great.

Maxima - Caribbean - Hats

The hats were the main attraction on the tour – either than the royals and her clothes but, still. She wore some epic looking hats.

Maxima - Caribbean - Shoes

The shoes – I love shoes. Who doesn’t? I got a new pair of shoes today. Anyways, the shoes she wore were ok, I would have liked something different but that was Maxima’s opinion, not mine.

Maxima - Germany - Outfits - Part 1

Maxima took a tour to Germany back in April of 2011. And it was glamorous – well, she did wear a tiara. Anyways, I liked the first days of the tour until, we come to the green dress. I wish she really didn’t wear that, it doesn’t flatter her body.

Maxima - Germany - Outfits - Part 2

I love the 4 outfits Maxima wore on the tour. Although they were not all my favourite, they still looked good on Maxima.

Maxima - Germany - Hats

The Hats/ the tiara were ok – the hats were ok, Tiaras are always great. She didn’t really wear any great hats but, she wore ok hats.

Beatrix’s Tour to Luxembourg

Beatrix (Visit to Luxembourg)

Beatrix had a 2 day tour to Luxembourg. She did not wear anything great – except the tiara…that is sad, not to be rude or anything.

Maria Teresa (Visit to Luxembourg)

Maria Teresa on the other hand was very lovely. The hats were great and the dresses & coats were good. The sequined dress was great, the tiara was a diamond floral tiara and if you hadn’t noticed the dress was Elie Saab. And hey! Did I see that dress before? No! Victoria at the Nobel Awards didn’t wear Elie Saab.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Rose Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara


The Diamond Bandeau consists of twenty-seven very large old mine diamonds which are set as a single graduating row on a light platinum wire frame. The large diamonds were taken from the rivière of 34 large old mine diamonds, which was part of the National Wedding Gift presented to Queen Emma in 1879. The bandeau contains in total more than 100 carat weight in diamonds. The Diamond Bandeau was first seen on Princess Juliana in 1937.


Queen Juliana has worn the bandeau of diamond many times and in most cases with a matching set of earrings made from large old cut diamonds.


Princess Margaret began to wear it before and after her marriage. She usually doesn’t wear this tiara now a days.


Queen Beatrix began to wear this tiara only in recent years although her sisters Princess Margriet and Princess Christina had worn it in the past.

But it is Princess Maxima who wears this simple but stunning diamond tiara to its maximum effect. This is the tiara that she usually wears.

Royal Fashion Awards: Cheltenham Festival 2012


Anne attended Day 2 and Day 4. Sadly she didn’t bring her A-game. She did wear a hat Zara wore last year (left).

Best Coats – Zara Division

Zara - Best Coats


Best Hats – Zara Division

Zara - Best Hats


Worst of Oh Boy & Worst Repeats


Well, first the scarf. I don’t like that scarf (worn in Christmas of 2010). Next, the hat (first worn at Christmas 2011) and many days after that.

Diana wearing the diamond Prince of Wales feather brooch for a theatre visit in Vienna in 1986

Plus, Oh Snap! Camilla wore Diana’s Necklace. Well, she isn’t wearing a dead woman’s necklace. (Well she is) But, the pendant was a gift to all of the Princesses of Wales. First given to Queen Alexandra (if I am not mistaken) and then to all the Princesses of Wales after that. (And possibly to the Duchess of Cambridge?) Diana just added the emerald to it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Princess Tessy’s Style

Princess Tessy has been a fashion icon (good or bad) since she has joined the Royal Ducal Family. Here are some of the attire that Tessy has worn since her wedding to Prince Louis in 2006.

Hat and Hair

Tessy has donned many hats (ok maybe not at least 10 a year but, whatever!). She has worn good (Right and 2nd to left) and bad (2nd to right and middle) or just ok (Left) hats. Mostly all the hats she have ever worn was at National Day which only comes once every year. So, just about 1 hat appearance each year!


Tessy has as well worn good outfits (2 middle) or ok (Right) or just terrible (left). I wish she would just wear good clothes all the time, she is so beautiful!

Missed Outfits

Here are my picks for the worst outfits all are from National Day, except the outfit with the green dress (that’s at Christmas).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Princess Tessy’s Wedding Gown

Full View

HRH Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony

September 29, 2006

Civic Dress

In September of 2005, the grand Ducal Palace issued a announcement – a surprised announcement – 19 year old Prince Louis was expecting a child with his girlfriend, 20 year old Tessy Antony. Tessy met Louis in Luxembourg’s army serving (a future royals can be in the army.) Actually when the pregnancy was announced really no one really knew that Louis even had a girlfriend. On March 12, 2006, their first son Gabriel was born. In June of that same year, they announced they were getting married.

Side - Top

About a month before the ceremony, Louis renounced his own rights to the throne as well as those of all his descendants. (Like many royals before him – Wink, Wink Edward VIII.) He actually couldn’t do that, but he was following a precedent set by his uncle, Prince Jean.

The Gown

The couple first married a civic ceremony at the Grand Ducal Palace. Then they married religiously at a church in Gilsdorf. Tessy did not wear a custom wedding dress she bought a dress from Pronovias and some gloves from Pronovias which she removed during the ceremony (most likely while putting the rings on.)

Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa & Gabriel

A year after they married, Tessy and Louis welcomed a second child, Noah. On National Day in 2009, the Palace announced that Grand Duke Henri granted his daughter-in-law Princess of Luxembourg, and his grandsons the titles of Prince Nassau (the name of their Royal House). As a bonus, everyone was to be styled HRH (His/Her Royal Highness).

Louis's Siblings

Louis’ siblings (left to right): Prince Félix, Prince Sébastien, Prnce Guillaume (the Hereditary Grand Duke, Princess Alexandra)

These days, the couple and their family (Sons) live in London, where they are both students. And comes to Luxembourg for big occasions (National Day, Weddings, probably Christmas)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiara Tuesday: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Tiaras

Well, I don’t know why, but I am having a Luxembourg week! So today, Wednesday and Friday will all have Luxembourg things! P.S. I was going to have a Luxembourg tiara but I couldn’t find a lot of people wearing them.
Maria Thesea - Congo Diamond Necklace TiaraMaria Theresa - Diamond Floral Tiara #1Maria Theresa - Diamond Floral Tiara #2Maria Theresa - Turquoise Tiara
1 – Congo Diamond Necklace Tiara is usually a tiara mostly all Luxembourg Royal Brides wear. Anyways, Marie-Teresa was given this tiara from her late mother-in-law Joséphine-charlotte as a wedding present (which she did wear at her wedding). Hopefully, as a royal, Princess Alexandra will wear this at her wedding and Prince Guillaume’s future bride might wear.
2 – Diamond Floral Tiara #1 is a small diamond tiara. It is a wedding tiara, worn (and loaned from Maria Teresa) by Marie Christine.
3 – Diamond Floral #2 is bigger than Diamond Floral #1 but still nice. I like this tiara more with her hair down.
4 – Turquoise Tiara is not a favourite of mine, this tiara is most likely my least favourite of the Luxembourg tiara collection. Maria Theresa’s daughter-in-law Princess Tessy has worn this tiara before (at the National Day of Luxembourg in 2010)
Maria Theresa - Amethyst TiaraMaria Theresa - Aquamarine Bandeau TiaraMaria Theresa - Chaumet Emerald Tiara
5 - Amethyst Tiara has to have bigger Amethysts they are way to small. I like love the necklace. Random Thought! The Royal Families need to have more Amethyst tiaras (so happy Princess Marie of Denmark is getting one!)
6 - Aquamarine Bandeau Tiara is like the only Aquamarine tiaras out in the Royal Families (well not really, there are 2 other Aquamarine tiaras.)
7 - Chaumet Emerald Tiara is my 3rd favourite Luxembourg Tiara. The design is not a big fan of me. I wish the giant diamonds and medium diamonds would either be smaller or removed.
Maria Theresa - Luxembourg Empire TiaraMaria Theresa - Grand Duchess Josephone-Charlotte's Diamond Scroll TiaraMaria Theresa - Topaz Tiara
8 - Luxembourg Empire Tiara as you might remember was my #5 of my Top 15 tiaras. I love it! Anyways, Maria Teresa has worn this tiara publicly after Joséphine-Charlotte’s death in 2005. (Just a possible reason: Joséphine I think never liked Maria because of where she was born. Yes, where she was born.) Maria Teresa, never wore the tiara before her death in 2005.
9 - Joséphine-Charlotte's Diamond Belgian Scroll Tiara is a nice tiara. it would be in my top 40 tiaras. Anyways, (haven’t you noticed I am getting so side-tracked?) this was the 2nd tiara that Joséphine-Charlotte wore on her head during her wedding. (Her first was the Congo Diamond Tiara) And this tiara was suppose to be sold but, thank goodness, Grand Duke Henri didn’t let that happen!
10 - Topaz Tiara is (I think) the only topaz tiara in any of the Royal Families/Houses. It is nice, it’s not bad. Plus, ow! Big earrings, doesn’t it hurt her ears?
Maria Theresa - Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide's TiaraMaria Theresa - Joséphine-Charlotte's Van Cleef and Arpels Emerald and Diamond Convertible TiaraMaria Theresa - Pearl and Diamond Choker Tiara
11 - Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide's Tiara would be my 2nd favourite Luxembourg tiara. This would have been my tiara for today, but I only have pictures of Maria in the tiara, no one else.
12 - Joséphine-Charlotte's Van Cleef and Arpels Emerald and Diamond Convertible Tiara is a really long name that I will probably never say. I don’t want to be mean but, this is a ugly tiara. I could be wrong but, I think Princess Tessy wore this tiara before Maria (GASP!)
13 - Pearl and Diamond Choker Tiara – I like Pearls and Chokers but not Pearls and Chokers (together – if you couldn’t see my hint.) And to be truthful it looks like a fence. Yes, a fence.