Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Outfit Reviews: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Today, we start the beginning of the best and worst of the outfits. I will post the majority of the royals for these two weeks (or less). 

Best of the Year
Yes, I love this outfit that Catherine wore the most through the whole year. The colour is gorgeous! The skirt flows nicely, the sleeves and the black details on the dress are nice. The accessories that Catherine wore with it too looks rather nice. Not to mention how nice her hair looks!
Runners Up

The winner for the best of the year was between the outfit who won, and the blue evening gown on the left. Everything else were very nice on Catherine, and I loved them, which was good as well. :)
Worst of the Year
Polo Match. Casual. The dress doesn't look bad when you're up close. Far away, it looks really childish. Heck, it is childish! It looks like a dress from the pioneer days! #nohate No. I don't have twitter because it is confussing!

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