Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Worst of 2012 - Accessories: Everything

Surprisingly, I found out that I hardly have anything on the worst accessories list. So, we're going to start the outfits early!



 The gold earrings that the Duchess of Cambridge wore aren't my favourites. I love pearls but the design of Catherine's earrings are weird. The red earrings that Catherine wore are also not my favourite. The black earrings that Crown Princess Mette-Marit have a really weird design and it's made of black material.


 (Left to right: Carina Axxelson, Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, and Princess Benedikte)
 (Left to right: Princess Martha Louise of Norway and Queen Silvia of Sweden)

 The tiara that Carina wears (which is all the time) is my all time, least favourite! The design is tacky, just spikes, and diamonds on top. While, for sme reason, I don't like the diamond spike tiara that looks like tiara that Queen Elizabeth has. The tiara that Victoria wore is... I don't even know what that is! The tiara that Benedikte wears is same as Carina's it's tacky. Martha Louise's looks childish, she needs a better one. Silvia's tiara isn't bad, the prongs are the bad part of it.


 (From left to right: Princess Astrid, Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway)
(From left to right: Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Zara Phillips (UK))
 (From Left to Right: Queen Silvia of Sweden, Princess Beatrice of York)
 If I critisize all of these, it will take forever, so I'll just say one reason:
Astrid: Too large and harry. Mathilde: They look like a series of plates on her head. Mette-Marit #1: It's a turban. Mette-Marit #2: It's a headband, just a headband with a ribbon! Margrethe: It's like a compas with the points... Victoria: It's self-explanitory. Zara: Some people have said it looks like an octopus. Silvia #1: Too much going on. Silvia #2: See #1. Beatrice: The weird colour.


Mette-Marit's hair does not go with her tiny, tiny, tiny tiara. From this angle, Catherine's hair looks nice. However, when you look in the front: she may as well put her bangs in front of her face, they covered her very nice eyes.

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