Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of 2012 - Others: Photoshoots - Individual

Best Photoshoot
Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Madeleine looks a bit awkward, but still looks fabulous! The clothing is amazing! The earrings are a favourite of mine. The hair fits Madeleine, even though I don't like her hair colour...

Best Shot
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands and Princess Estelle of Sweden
It was a tie, I orgionally just had Maxima, but then I remembered cute little Estelle's photo. Look at her! In the leaves, with her hood on and the little puff ball on the end. Aw! Then, Maxima looks fantastic! The photo is celebrating 10 years as a Princess of the Netherlands. Purple suits her, (as I've said) and I'm liking the bling.

Best Clothing
Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent of Denmark
 Can these two get any more cute? It's the twin siblings of Denmark on their first birthday in January (the 8th to be exact). Josephone's pink dress looks cute, with her pink bow in her hair. And, Vincent, aren't you looking handsome? A blue plaid shirt, looking snazy!

Worst Shot
Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Yes, a girl who has the best photoshoot can also have the worst shot. The reason? She's far away, you can hardly see her. The outfit looks terrible, and her hair when it was blond and not brown.
Worst Clothing
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
I like Mary, and I normally like her clothes. These though, the blue shirt I don't mind, the pants look terrible. The shirt with the pants look very bad together. Not to mention the beige shawl, and the same pants (on the left picture) together - No, just no.

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