Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best of 2012 - Accessories: Dutch Ladies



Princess Maxima's earrings (All but the one on the very left) I feel in love with, and I seriously wished I had them, even if I don't wear them. While, Laurentien's (one of the left) looks very nice, not as great as Maxima's but as good.


I've only seen one close-up of Maxima's bracelets and it's this one. I love this bracelet (or bracelets), I would love to have them... they are so my style.


 Maxima's rings look beautiful. Period.


 I love the Dutch tiaras, they have amazing designs, great details, and beautiful stones. The sad part: Not one really sees them because there aren't too many events with Tiaras.


 Maxima is the hair guru, her hair looks amazing (mostly all the time) especially for important events.


 Yes, the weird feather hat is on my list of favourite hats. Call me crazy, because I am. The other ones, I think are no brainers, they do look good on Maxima.

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