Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best of 2012 - Accessories: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden



 I would have added more earrings onto this list, but I couldn't find anymore. The earrings I love the most are the ones on the left, they were used for portraits of Princess Estelle.


 I really like Victoria's necklaces there is one necklace that I love but I couldn't find it. I love the necklace on the left because I love pearls and silver.


This year, I love Victoria's hair because they look really cool (like the one on the left, it looks braided and it's in a bun!) Her hair is awesome :) Can't wait until the Nobel prizes on December 10 and 11, awesome hair and outfits are going to come!


I only like two of Victoria's hats. I love the one on the right because I really like that picture of her and Estelle (also, the earrings are the same earrings noted above.)

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