Monday, December 10, 2012

Best of 2012 - Accessories: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary appeared in my favourite Royals list, now she's on this list too.



All of the earrings that Mary has worn has been seen before. Most of them made an appearance before and a little after he marriage.


I saw Mary first wear this bracelet on her Australian tour last year. It became my favourite bracelet she wore. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pearls.


Mary first debuted this necklace way back in 2003 just as a black and white pearl necklace. This year, during Flag Day, she turned the necklace into a choker, and I love it!


 Both of Mary's rings look amazing, coming from a girl who wears rings every single day!


 Mary rarely only wears 2 tiaras, the only thing that makes a difference for her wedding tiara is adding pearls. I still like the tiaras she wears, though.


My favourite hairstyles that Mary had were in January. Any who, I love how Mary mixes everything up, and she tries different hairstyles.


 Mary only has 2 hats that I liked from her. The first one, I've liked since 2010, when she first wore it. I also like Mary's second hat that she wore to Guillaume and Stephanie's wedding in October.

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