Thursday, December 6, 2012

Duchess of Cambridge Children Names

Since St. James's Palace announced the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, we all need to look at the possible names for their child. Girl or Boy.


  • Diana - Williams late-mother. I think that if it were to be a girl, the first name (or the first middle name) would be Diana. Hands down!
  • Elizabeth - William's grandmothers name and Catherine's middle name.
  • Carole - Catherine's mothers name.
  • Dorothy - Catherine's grandmothers name.
  • Frances - Willams late-grandmothers name.


  • Charles - Williams dads name.
  • Philip - Williams grandpas name.
  • Louis - One of Williams middle names.
  • John - Williams mother's dads name.
  • Henry - Williams brother name.

My Picks:

For Girls, Diana, I think it's on everyones list of names. Elizabeth because it's Catherine's, Beatrice's, Lady Louise's, Anne's middle names.

For Boys, Henry, I think everyone either wants the child to be a red head, but I would perfer one of his middle names Henry. Philip because it's mostly every Royal guys middle name.

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