Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Outfit Reviews: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

I have no idea what happened, I thought that I posted Crown Princess Victoria for Outfit Reviews... I guess not. Anyways, this will be the last outfits review. I'll start posting other things tomorrow, and so fourth.
Best of 2012
With Victoria, I say it's hard to chose a favourite outfit. But, in the end, I had to, so I went with this purple number. She looks fabulous! Purple suits her, and I want to see this dress agian in the New Year.
 Victoria had some outfits that really floated my boat (:3). Anyways, the green number looks awesome (I should find a better word than, 'Awesome'). The next outfit looks rather nice on VIctoria. After that, the black lace number would be my runner-runner-up outfit (meaning my 2nd favourite outfit), and the last one is an Elie Saab (I think) number, at Swedish Fashion Week (I believe). The alst, is a repeat Elie Saab (that's a fact!) from the 2010 Nobel Prize Awards. I don't even mind the Six Diamond Button tiara.
 Worst of 2012
The last outfit is by Malene Birger, it's not a favourite, I know it's maternity wear, and it's not easy to look fasionable while being comfortable. Sometimes it works. Others, it looks like this.

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