Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 Outfit Reviews: Princess Maxima of the Netherlands

 Best(s) of 2012
 The first dress was beautiful from the first moment I saw it, the dress was for the occassion of her and Willem-Alexnader's 10th year wedding anniversary. The second outfit, it a navy military-like jumpsuit. Normally, I wouldn't like people who wear jumpsuits especially in navy. But, on Maxima, it totally works!

The blue outfit (for most people) are no brainers, I love the different prints. The next outfit, it's from the wedding of Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie. The next outfits, they're from Maxima and Willem-Alexander when they visited Brazil. The last outfit, was from Koningnnedag (or Queen's Day).

Worst of 2012

The hair and earrings aren't bad. The dress however, is not form fitting, and the print isn't nice. The random black stripes on the bottom and weird too.

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